Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hope and Paying it Foward to Make a Difference

I haven't had time yet to really review this book but so far, it looks good. When I do, I will post about it.

A couple of things I picked up this week.

I went to the city this past Monday. Yep, it's a big day to go to the city when you are a country girl at heart!  I went to Joanne's crafts and rumbled around for probably 2 hours. I like to look at all the things in there.
They had quite a bit of knitting books. Very limited cross stitching though.
At last I found a really good book and grabbed a copy of Country Sampler magazine (quarterly favorite of mine) to check out.
While at the counter a young boy said, "oh you knit!"  I told him I was a novice but enjoyed both cross stitching and knitting. He said he was about to take a class on beginning knitting. 
I asked him if he had heard of Ravelry and he said no.
So I gave him the information because he had such excitement about going to his classes soon that I tried to give him hope for needlework. I told him that needlework of both kinds really helps stress and health in general. He was excited to go home and look through Ravelry.
The boy looked college age and although knitting or cross stitching is sometimes looked at by men or women as "feminine" things, there are some awesome and talented male knitters and cross stitchers who I appreciate so much.

I think the stigma is even worse in the South which is too bad because of all the benefits of creativity. I find the stitching and knitting community online to be a kind one in general.
The world needs alot more kindness today.
Families need more kindness.
Sometimes reading or listening to the world news (which I do not do alot of) is so daunting.
This is one reason why I listen to podcasts of cross stitchers and knitters alot and read blogs.
I rarely watch TV anymore. 

I'm reposting a freebie for you today. It's simple. I designed it in 2012.
You can use colors of choice.
If you stitch it up send me a pic and I will show your unique work how you interpreted the colors and why if you would like. 

Maybe you know of someone that really needs some hope right now. Someone who has given up.
Hopefully, you can share it with them. It may not solve all the problems but surprisingly so you never know how much our kindness influences someones' difficult situation.


copyright 2012
designer Feathers in the Nest

“Hope is the thing with feathers 

That perches in the soul 

And sings the tune without the words 

And never stops at all.”  

by Emily Dickinson

Till later,

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  1. Beautifully said....lovely stitch you have shared Thank you❤️


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