Monday, November 18, 2013

As You Like It Scarf Progress and Design

Just to let you take a peak at some knitting this weekend from my stash, I will share these pics.
About 5 months ago, at least, I found a treasure in the junkin' store I frequent, all in a plastic bag and appeared to be skeins of DMC wool. I was first attracted to the colors as I love Colonial blues, reds, greens, etc. So, while resting up over the weekend with Mr. Darcy and 2 movies, I knitted.
Just one skein to another.

I counted after opening the bag!!!!!  53 yes 53 skeins in muted colors. Virtually 10 cents a skein.
I just started knitting, in no special order and then I stacked them like this so I can just pick one up as I go. This will make about a 90 inch scarf, plenty to double and triple with jeans on a winter day.
This DMC 100% virgin wool is imported from France. Washable. Cold water.
I decided not to piece blocks together, just keep knitting from one color to another.
Hence, the name As You Like It scarf. It's stitch therapy. Keeps my hands busy and warm by the woodstove.

This bag was only 5 bucks. If ordered from a store would be over 50.00 bucks.
 So I think as they say another man's junk, is another man's treasure can certainly apply here.

I just keep knitting in simple garter one to the other, not really getting disturbed by some irregular threading through the next color.
Keeping it simple.
Picking out and choosing colors.
 Designing my own jeans and sweater scarf.
Loving the beautiful colors.
One really interesting thing about this pack~~~there is only ONE skein of Dark Brown. Yup.

From chaos.
 To organized.
To systemized in the colors I like.
But the brown is special all by itself.

Only 46 more to go! I've got some buttons in my stash I might use on this, as well.
Simple finds.  Simple joy. Simply colorful.
I picked up my smaller needle for 1 over 1 stitching on my pincushion. Didn't cross stitch much on it. I got side tracked to knit.

Till later,


  1. What a great use of a bargain find!

  2. Great looking scarf so the colors! You got a good deal on that wool! Happy knitting!

  3. Hmm...I have a bag full of DMC wool and another full of some other kind of wool and I never thought about knitting with it. Might have to add something like that to my to-do pile :)

  4. I love you reuse of the fibers! There's nothing like a jeans and sweaters scarf!!!

  5. Dearest Jennifer,
    Happy first anniversary to the both of you!
    Stay cozy.


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