Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Baths and Saturday Samplers

One of the many projects/samplers/etc. I am working on is to finish 12 Washcloths for the upstairs bath!

I found a free pattern, actually many free patterns unlike the ones I did for the Etsy shop, this was is corrugated.

Click above for the pattern.

I picked Bernat cotton with a Joannes' 50% off coupon one day and the colors are Cloves, Avocado, and Indigo.  These are fun to make anyways and easy to pick and put down when busy. I'm almost done with one Indigo one.  11 more to go~!

On the cross stitching front, as I was cleaning out some stash and moving it to the studio, I saw this project, brand new and had it for at least 3 years from The Scarlett Letter. I got this actually on ebay and the copyright of the sampler is 1982. I am not able to find it on their website any longer. Someone wanted to know.

But, I opened it up and started this simple sampler! The floss is silk and one strand is used. 25 ct unbleached linen  of which I like and off I go. This antique sampler will go in the family room at the homestead.

The Antique Alphabet Sampler by The Scarlett Letter

The colors in the pic look different than the floss they supplied; however, I still love them.

 I also have a couple I need to work on of my own designs. This little sampler was irresistable though to stitch. The Scarlett Letter reproduction antique samplers are probably one of the most favorite.

I hope this finds you safe, happy, and needles in hand!



  1. That will look amazing when it is all stitched up. Love the colours for the face clothes!

  2. Pretty new sampler and washclothes


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