Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pink or Blue?

I can't wait until the Royal baby is born!  I so want a baby Princess!!!  But if it's a Prince, that is fine with me too as long as it's healthy and happy. ;)

Well, Feathers in the Nest has a design pending the gender of the special baby. I want to pull out alot of pink overdyed sampler threads but still have to wait to see. Nevertheless, I picked up an empty flower vase in pink and went into the yard for flowers. The combo looked good with my quilt remnant that will make a cute runner in the guest room.

I can tell you the design will include motifs of a prince or princess infant, gingham border, sampler dates and a verse of my own!

While I can't start model stitching on it yet until I know boy or girl, I can show you the pretty flowers and fabbie on the little table in one of the guest bedrooms.

I thought while cleaning this room today I would add some pop color of nature.

My cup is tipped over. :P
This is a teeny set to go with my china in the dining room. For little ones who visit, it's a favorite! This was my own table when I was preschool, age 3.

Pink or blue?

I think we will know in a few weeks.................until then, enjoy both colors waiting on the little one!

Have a cup of tea and let's chat.......do you think the Royal baby is a girl or boy???



  1. Very pretty! I see you also like Joan Walsh Anglund! I have a collection of her art work.

  2. yes! I got that as a really little girl and have had it for at least 40 years. It's pretty when the sun goes through it.

  3. It is exciting even in Australia. I am thinking it is a Princess too

  4. What a pretty table display! I haven't really been in tune to all the royal baby stuff but I have thought it would be nice if a little princess was born.


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