Monday, June 17, 2013

Abigail's Primitive Bed: A Diamond in the Rough

From the moment Mr. Darcy saw potential in trash crate for Abbie a bed I was confident he would make it special. He is very good with woodworking. The wood was rough cut and no paint was on it except some old white paint on the side of a strip. I knew it would be turned into something special for Miss Abbie because he loves her so much.

I didn't get a pic of the crate wood found in the trash but he made it into this one day while I was at work. He made this in no time.for the end pieces!

He made a footboard and headboard. We wanted it high off the ground so she couldn't jump out during the night to wonder off an play around. LOL  She is able to sleep through the night for a long time without "doing her business" and she loves sleeping in the room with us. So off to make this a primitive match for our colonial/cottagey/prim home. When the alarm goes off, she sleeps right through it.

Many folks who saw this wanted us to stain it and we thought about it; however, there would have to much prep done first. Mr. Darcy said let's distress it and paint it so the only stained part is a large chunk of wood in a heart shape to go at the headboard.
It actually looks like a crib.

He made spindles out of the remaining junk wood.

And here you have a diamond in the rough.
Abbie has a very thick plush covered tan pillow that fills the bottom already.
Yesterday after church we did our prim work, along with getting gothic fingernails. :)
Distressed with cheesecloth and painted in the rough with Primitive Black, Miss Abbie is on the way to her prim bed.
Next, I have to stain the medium chuncky heart wood to put at the headboard and attach.
The pillow works well for the bottom and even filling the sides.
I'm working for her a coverlet that matches the other colors in the room to go across the top of her pillow. Also sturdy enough to be a sleeping pad if she likes. This will make the piece of furniture blend in the room.
Rough sections of remnants. The remainder is in Baby Alpaca double stranded to make it thick.
Using large circulars, Knit pic DREAMZ I worked on this all night last night.
Still have about half more to do.
When the bed gets totally finished, I will post pics again. 
It's been a fun and functional project working with Mr. Darcy.
We both love Abbie so much. She is one spoiled furbaby!!!
We went junkin' yesterday afternoon and that big roll of soft yellow you see and this bag for pennies was found. I guess someone was cleaning out their stash.
I love remnants and this is definitely going to be useful when I learn to make Abbie attire.
I love the colors and the balls of yarn in there. Most are acrylic and good for pet sweaters, toys, even blocks to form a small blankie for her.
I'm thankful I saw this yesterday. Mr. Darcy sold 2 pics in this junkin place. Very proud of him.
We ended the day with grilled steaks, by the grillmaster, and they were more than juicy and good!
Today, I'm getting busy to finish Miss Abbie's bed, washing linens and finish the normal room cleaning and laundry of Mondays.
Abbie will not be scared anymore of loud thunder and lightning. She has a place in our room to sleep and see us always. I can't tell you how much she loves it.
She doesn't sleep with us because she is a snuggler and I have almost rolled on top of her and afraid she might get smothered. This was the best option.
In the future, Mr. Darcy wants to make some doggie beds that are lower to the ground and with ability for the animal to go in and out whenever. This bed was made just for her needs. I know there are other pets that are different in needs.
A trash crate made to a nice Doggie Bed goes to show that what one considers trash is another man's treasure.
On Saturday night, we had these on the grill:
Chicken Kabobs!
They were perfect for grilling and having a candlelight dinner outside.
Mr. Darcy got his Father's Day gift early.
 It was a power tool he needed in the shop.
Abbie actually rode in the buggy in Lowe's to help pick it out. She did really well, no barks, and very well-mannered throughout the store.
I wore my shawl I made with hot pink and orange. This is a pattern design by Stephanie Japel and it's called City Shawl on Ravelry. I decided not to block it as I like the size it was already.
My dining room turned craft table is getting cleaned today to go down in the studio. I'm still organizing my studio and one day will post pics.
I hope you have a great Monday! I feel so blessed.


  1. Morning Jennifer...oh you spoil Abbie like we spoil our kitties...they are a part of our why not!
    What a sweet bed and I'm sure like you she will be happy and safe feeling near you now.
    What a beautiful shawl (and a beautiful lady!)

  2. Mr. Darcy did a great job making Abby's "crib". I'm sure she will love her new bed. I also like the shawl you made. Very pretty colors!
    Happy Stitching, Carolyn


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