Saturday, June 15, 2013

Colorways and Lifeways

I know we all go through life's ups and downs and things can get really surreal at times. I recently had the chance to write my testimony out on paper as a requirement actually. As I put together a five page essay of where I've been and where I'm hoping to go, I couldn't realize more that God has given us so much to be thankful for and He certainly has blessed my life even through the darkness and the fear, I hang on to hope.
I heard on Christian radio yesterday on the way to work a 30 minute talk about Satan and his demons. They say this world is run by Satan and God is aware of it. Not that He doesn't send angels down to protect us, but those that love Christ especially will be tested the hardest by Satan and he constantly tries to use demons through unbelievers, and other things to bring us down.
As a child of God, on Father's day, I'm thankful I have an earthly father and a Heavenly Father.
My Heavenly Father has taught me more on faith, hope, and love than I could ever imagine through my life.
Some people are offended by me speaking of Christianity and I used to apologize but I can't anymore because I'm not sorry that God our Father has blessed us and protects us so much.
At knit group yesterday, I had the best time with old friends, new friends, and laughter! Oh MY! Did we laugh and have fun while we stitched away. The shop owner is the sweetest and she knits with us gorgeous shop models. We talked of everything from our pets, to the movies, to the love of movie popcorn, to teaching, to health......just everything.
I skipped dinner so I could get some yarn. Seriously. It was worth it. I found on Ravelry a shawl pattern, free, called Afternoon Tea which takes 1 skein of Madelinetosh. I've never owned any Madelinetosh sock yarn but 1 skein for a shawl sounds exciting.
The colorway I picked is
Steam Age
I loved the spectrum of color all through this skein. I also picked up a knitting magazine.  It has WAY cool patterns. The pattern is free this month on Ravelry. Just look up Afternoon Tea.
I finished my dishcloth in Burnt Sienna (I Love This Cotton brand Hobby Lobby) but definitely left a little hanger on it because it has too many mistakes and the writing didn't come out right.
It is supposed to say I love Jane Austen.
I'm sure if blocked it would do much better but it's hanging by the kitchen sink for right now.
I had to remove the entire row off the needle in the middle and this is where it got messed up.
But!  it's a nice pop of color in the kitchen.
The pattern is on Ravelry.
If you love to purl, this is for you!
I hope life is sending you a pop of color today. Sunshine and beautiful here in the mountains. Much to do around the homestead today.
Tomorrow, I'll share pics of Mr. Darcy's pet bed design for small dogs. We are going to paint it after church in a primitive flat black with distressing by wiping off here and there for the natural wood to show. I got her a wood heart for the end of it and will stain it maple! I'm excited to see how this comes out. It will actually blend into our bedroom colonial/ prim design very well.
Stay cool!


  1. Jennifer! I love this post! So upbeat and newsy. I agree with you as far as not apologizing when I/you speak of our Father. I was thanking Him last night for letting me into His wonderful family and being such an awesome Father. I love Him so very much.

  2. Good for you not apologizing for speaking of God. I used to worry about it on my blog too, but I cannot deny Him in my life.
    Looking forward to Abby's bed. =)

  3. When we apologize for standing up for God, satan rejoices. The last thing I want to do it make him Found your blog and enjoyed it. there are lots of Christians in blogland.


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