Thursday, April 11, 2013

Progress in Pink Lace, Progress in God's Grace

It's Thursday already?  Oh my! Just wanted to show you some progress of my knitting, I hope you are not getting tired of knitting pics instead of cross stitch. I still do that but right now I've got the knitting bug and just a new creative way to stitch.
This is the progress since my last posting.

I can't wait until it's finished and I can block it. I'm so surprised at how much yarn I still have left with such length. I guess with lace it's less. I don't know but I have 2 more hanks. I sure do like the softness of alpaca/silk blend fiber. However, my wood needles are giving me a bit of trouble. Getting too sticky. They are #9 rosewood. I do not have any 9/ 10inch aluminum ones but it's on the grocery list.
Look closer:

I made a garter section because it was my only answer to correcting a mistake. Lace mistakes are NOT good. I had to do some improvisions with decreasing and increasing and the garter to get back on track to the One Row Lace pattern by Turvid on
Actually, it doesn't look so bad afterall.

One thing about stitching of any kind, whether it be cross stitch or knitting or sewing.........we can decide who, what and where. If we mess up or come up to a challenge, we can correct it and sometimes the mistake corrected with improvisions is kinda cool in the whole spectrum of things!
What about you with stitching? Do you find that part pretty cool?
What about wooden needles? Can you use furniture polish on them? Will it hurt the fiber?
Just putting out some thoughts and trying to connect to all the creative, talented folks who take the time out of their day to look at my amateur knitting. :o
I was asked to design something based on a favorite scripture and was delighted at the idea~!!!
So, my cross stitching designing mode will start pretty soon.
Hint, it's from the book of Matthew........................
In fact, I'm going there now to read, reread and let the verse soak in, write what it means to me and putting my creative cap on graph paper. I recently found a great website that is GREAT for individual devotionals or bible study in groups or by yourself. Actually it's Ann Graham, Billy Graham's daughter at The Cove. She is a great teacher.  Lookie Here at her 3 question study. She has many other resources. The 30 minute video is well worth the view before studying scripture in the manner she describes in her handouts.
I hope life is treating you kind and you are having a good time in your "stitching studio" whether it be your space by the TV or a huge stitching studio you designed.  Whatever the environment,  let's put our thoughts in action and connect.
Purl of Wisdom-----  Our stitching space is our personal time of creativity. If you can, let it be a cheerful one, maybe with tea, or fresh flowers; however, it may be, big or small,  appreciate the talent we are given that so many are not blessed to have.


  1. i am not a knitter, but i do crochet and cross stitch. found your blog through blacksheeps bit of the web. thinking about your wooden needle problem maybe you can give them a wash with murphys oil....its more of a "soap" for wood and it will rinse off without leaving a residue and this will not hurt your yarn next time you use the needles....just my your blog and your projects!

  2. Yes, I do thank God that He has let me be a stitcher. Not often enough I know though.
    Looking forward to your newest cross stitch pattern. =)

  3. I knit and cross-stitch too. Right now, like you, I've got the knitting bug - badly! I've got about 30 things going on the needles. Thank goodness I have alot of needles!

    Linda in VA

  4. Lovely, lovely. I love Ann Graham Lotz. I've done several of her studies..I like just about anything she does!


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