Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tinking and Thinking in Pink Lace

Pictures and lighting can do some really strange things to photos. My lighting is not the best replication of this beautiful Blue Sky Alpaca Silk 50/50 yarn but I can tell you it's more the color in the ball in the left upper corner of the pic. The color is more dense. AND it's the softest yarn I've ever stitched with.

I put something solid in the backgrond to show the design. It's a simple pattern on Ravelry for free, the One Row Lace Scarf.

 Thank goodness for free patterns on Ravelry. I'm really enjoying it. I loaded all my knitty projects on my profile and if you are a member my name is Stitchinggirl50. Would love to chat with ya about knitting.

Just wanted to show you some wood needles #9 Rosewood with mother of pearl tops I got last year. I was dissapointed because in 2 days the top of one was lost. I had traveled with my knitting and didn't know where it fell off but I got these at Michael's. They are functional and sturdy wood. I like the dark colored needles with bright or light yarn.

One simple lace pattern row in repetition will make a scarf. I actually learned what TINK meant. It's KNIT spelled backwards so instead of frogging it's called TINKING.

 I tinked this scarf 3 times before I got it going. The secod time I CO too many. You cast on multiples of 4, so I CO 24.

Some lace patterns require too much counting and such for me to watch a TV show or webcast comfortably while knitting but this one, I can.

This is a light weight soft yarn and with the openness of the lace, can be worn even in the summer months in North GA.

I'm trying to gain more experience so I can make a shawlette!

When I see this scarf coming forth with all the directions of the yarn, I think about the poem, The Weaver. Sometimes our lives get that way, but the final outcome is a beautiful.

Purl of Wisdom:   The gaps in our lives formed a purpose, but sometimes we only can see the beauty of it much later.

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  1. Dearest Jennifer,
    You are making progress with your knitting! Good for you.


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