Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Knitting and Color, Knitting and Prayer

Over a week and the time is flying by!  So much to keep me busy these days and always special with Mr. Darcy, of course. He definitely spoils me alot!
I'm looking forward to going to a brick and mortar cross stitch store this week!!!! It's been a while for sure. Eye candy.................stay-tuned.
Knitting has helped me so much and in the same way provided a way I could pay it forward to special folks in my life.

Finished 3 Lacy Keyhole Scarves design by Stephanie Japel
Mission~~~~ learned how to make a button hole in knitting, decrease and increase in rows, make lace with yarn overs/yarn forwards, practice over and over knitting and purling to make ridges and seaming by hand two knitted pieces!
 This particular pattern is not for sale on Craftsy but only in her handouts of the class Knit Lab. She put the class on sale before Christmas at a very low price and then you print your handouts which include patterns and links to other patterns, how to read a knitting pattern, etc.
I can't say enough about Craftsy.com. It's the best website with many free patterns and free video classes. One of these scarves will be for a gift for a special friend. This one. It's 100% cotton for softness and for the Springtime. I think she will like it in her bag.

I do believe I  will make another of this color to go with turquoise I have but for now.............

I made this one from Cascade yarn with a combo of cotton and silk. This glides like butter over aluminum needles. I LOVED it.

I just finished the third one. This one is 100% acryllic,  not-so-soft but oh so HIPPY! :P
My daughter would love this one. I think she got a little of the free-spirit side of me. I just have to laugh about it.

I learned to cast-on in the middle of a row and bind off in the middle of a row.
 This makes the button hole and was the hardest part for me to learn.

~~~~~~~~anyhoo, I did learn how to make some curvy lace. I did not block any of these scarves. I liked them as they were when finished.
 When blocked they lose the curvy, frilly part and I'm a bit girly, so I kept it curly.

yup, these two are mine. The pink one is smaller and sooooo soft. I can't wait to wear it.

And for a baby gift for twin boys, I'm working to finish 2 more soft washcloths by April.......
 twin boys with 2 older brothers under age 5. WHEW! Makes me tired thinking about that :O

which may lead to prayer knitting. Honestly and seriously, my current mission is to learn the basic prayer shawl. You can find more info on Craftsy.com. There are so many, many prayer shawl patterns but I'm starting with the basic k3p3 until end, with cast on of 60 and then even rows p3k3 until end, repeat a million times.......no, just joking.....repeat until you have used 3 balls of 250 yards of yarn! I had 3 skeins on hand of Red Heart Collage in color called Crimson Maple. Ironcally, it's the only sale yarn I had with 3 skeins in my stash and the color actually means healing and health. I will be praying for a close co-worker who has cancer and battling chemo treatments. We've worked together for 10 years and it's just been another deep concern.


this is a bit scrunched on the needle but I do love the simple repetition and the history of how it got started, the purposes, etc. All free info on the web. See and click on the link below.

On each of the 3 knit or purl stitches you say the 'Sign of the Cross', with the Amen occurring when you switch your yarn from front to back or back to front.

K1 - In the name of the Father
K1 - and of the Son
K1 - and of the Holy Spirit
bring yarn forward - Amen

P1 - In the name of the Father
P1 - and of the Son
P1 - and of the Holy Spirit
... bring yarn to the back - Amen

when making a prayer shawl.
Click on the above link for more info on prayer shawl making..........................if you are interested.
Speaking of prayer, this is a man I have prayed for and God sent him in my life as the biggest blessing I've ever received as with my children as well. Our 4 month wedding anniversary is this week. Not even knowing that God would put us together from 2 parts of a different world in such unique ways we definitely can testify that prayers are answered if we are specific and truthful in our request to God if it's His will in our life and both are equally yoked. He is supportive, always positive, truthful, handsome, and has loving arms for me every night. He is my sunshine every morning and my moon and stars at night.
I hope that even through all the negative things that are thrown at us in life (and we all have them)  that you know that God hears your prayers too and only in His time will they be answered.
Till later,


  1. Good morning Jennifer. I'm so happy to know that your life is so full of joy. Knitting is so relaxing isn't it? strangely enough I've been doing a lot of knitting the last few weeks. I had a bout of flu that didn't want to leave me, and when it finally did I got an inner ear infection, and I really couldn't concentrate on embroidery or crazy quilting, so out came my needles and wool.I hate being stuck on my day bed with nothing to occupy my fingers, lol. Anyway, just popped by to say 'hello'.You and Mr Darcy are often in my thoughts. Blessings

  2. Love your keyhole scarves! and the red of your prayer shawl.

  3. Your scarves and knitting are just gorgeous - wonderful job! And I love the praying as you go. Congrats on finding such a wonderful man as you celebrate your 4 month anniversary!

  4. Hi Jennifer, I left a comment for you yesterday.but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. Just wanted to say I'm so happy your life is now filled with joy.You and Mr.Darcy are often in my thoughts. Blessings

  5. Your scarves look great! Wishing you a happy 4 month anniversary! So glad you found each other.
    Prayers for your coworker. I could use a little prayer too. I'm going for a breast needle biopsy next Thursday and I'm a little nervous about it. Hopefully things will turn out okay. I love reading your blog! I'm trying to expand my knitting from only dishcloths and scarves. You are inspiring me!
    Hugs, Phyllis

  6. Such pretty scarves! You really are making great knitting progress quickly.

  7. You are certainly knitting up a storm.


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