Saturday, March 23, 2013

Exploring the One Row Lace Scarf freebie on Ravelry

Good afternoon, friends!  I hope your Saturday is going well and restful plans for the evening!

I've had a day of conferencing for work and now I'm going to Ravelry and found a great One Row Lace Scarf. I've knitted a few rows and really like it. I'm doing my next section in the blue scarf with this pattern. The pattern is free on and called One Row Scarf. I plan to sample this out finishing up the blue one and then make a nice and airy thin, Spring scarf with this simple pattern of lacework. I have some fingerweight yarn to try with this.

Things I've done in Washington, DC:

  • studied new research in Women's Health
  • found a yarn store called Looped and did a major happy dance while watching other knitters join in on the fun of yarn, looked through all the Knit books and dreamed for one day garment making.
  • got a free canvas bag from Looped
  • ate the best Clam Chowder ever--warm and just right for the cold night.
  • ate Eggs Benedict with Virginia ham for the first time and it was great!
  • forgot my camera disc card, therefore relied on cell phone camera
  • dropped my camera on a marble floor and now it's only saying "no sims card", hoping when I get home it's fixable free.
  • rode the Metro again and got lost a few times but found my way with a few angels to help me
  • window shopping
  • repeated myself to alot of folks because I must speak really Southern here and I speak softly
  • road in a taxi and passed a store called "WTF" and went "Wha?
  • missing the country life now--I love to visit the city when I have work conferences but ready for home in the country by day 3-4.
  • wished I had more time and the money to go exploring more in the city but limited
  • thankful for the hotel they put me in as it's supernice!
  • enjoyed networking with other health care providers in women's health
  • thankful for no 5 in binders of syllabus but now online (those things are heavy to pack back on the trip)
  • enjoyd some free time in the evenings to just plain rest.
  • appreciated my well water when I took a slug of this city water.....yuck
  • thank God I'm able to get up every day and hope to claim His promise that He will take care of me.
  • missed this precious sweet baby

  •  and re-posting a freebie for HOPE. Hope for whatever situation in health life is throwing at you right now, hoping it's good, but if not, hang on to hope because there is much research in gender medicine.
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2012
reposted 2013
Send me some of your "hope" if you stitch and finish this one up! I would love to see this in all the creative ways I know each of you have!
You can use this to change colors for different health issues awareness's, i.e pink or the above for breast cancer awareness, teal for ovarian cancer awareness, purple for domestic violence awareness, red for cardiac health awareness, etc.
Because this is what we have in today's world~~hope, whether living in the city, or rural areas of the country. We share a common bond in our hearts and hands.
Love to each of you,


  1. Safe Travels! I bet Miss Abi misses you.

  2. Sounds like you have been having a busy but fun work trip. Thanks for reposting "Hope." After reading your post it made me think of Romans 5:5. Then my dh taught on hope this morning in bible class at church. I think I need to stitch this one up. I sent you an email last week and I'm thinking it never got to you. Do you have a new email?

  3. Thank you for the pattern. Hope is my special word for the year!

  4. Sounds like have had a busy but fun time on your trip.


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