Friday, March 22, 2013

My Cornflower Blue Superwash Wool Serendipity Style

While on a work trip this week, I had time to visit this shop in the DC area:
Looped Yarn Works
It was a hopping joint, and happy place by many young folks, that's for sure! It sure made me do a happy dance.
Knitting touches all the senses in the texture of yarns, the colors, the type of yarn, etc.
It was certainly a candy store for me and I took all the beautiful colors in and dreamed and drooled.
I have found Ravelry website and love this site as many knitters do. There are so many free patterns and I"m itching to make a summer shawl.
I was shocked to see many men in the shop and also alot of college kids.
I had tucked in my bag for the plane ride some 100% wool superwash yarn I had in my stash. It was discounted and I got 2 skeins, not even realizing what I would do with it. I have since (in music terminology) ad lib, and made up things as I went along.
I've learned lessons such as stockinette stitch blocks will certainly curl the edges by themselves and even if separated with garter stitch, they curl as well.
 The color is a yummy Cornflower Blue.
The only pics I can take are with my phone so please bear with it.

playing with increasing and decreasing and such, making some pattern.
still not blocked yet. It really looks good when stretched out a little.
then today.............. to here with some texture changes......................
and yes it's curling......I kinda like it this way.
I plan to double this length. I have one more skein in this lot number and brand.
just alternating stockinette blocks with garter blocks. I have a silver round scarf ring to use with it or without it.
 Stay warm. It's VERY cold here this week!
Dinner was a scrumptious Maryland Clam Chowder with bread and butter. Perfect for a cold night like this. More work in women's heatlh research all weekend. Just breaking up the time with some stitching so my left and right brain are both equally stimulated :0
Till later..............


  1. Beautiful yarn, and I love how quickly you're learning the knitting stitches. Maybe one day I'll follow your example!

  2. You look so happy AND healthy. Jennifer- I'm so very glad you've been able to get here on your journey:)

  3. oh, come on, knit some !!!! Its certainly fun and takes my stress to a lower level. thank you Rain for the compliment. I'm pretty tired but slowly getting my health back, I'm hoping my journey will continue on now in a healthy manner and with healthy friends and family. :)
    Thanks Carolyn and Calamity.....hey Calamity I misspelled your name by mistake but like this calmity.....I likethe word Calm.......
    Stay cool,

  4. Yay! Another knitter is born. :)

    Now once you get this under you belt, there is the wonderful world of crochet to tackle, too.

    Blessings always

  5. Pretty colour and it is always good to experiment with stitches and patterns.


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