Sunday, March 10, 2013

R for Red, Rest, Relaxation, Remembering, Reflections

A friend who I just found out has cancer is in need of scarves so I volunteered to make one. I know Spring is coming up here but the weather in the north mountains at night stay cool if not cold until June mostly and when hair is gone, I thought it would cheer her up. For me, I'm in shock still.
I started out with this yarn in "Tomato" with 11 Bates needles. I am kinda putting together a combo of garter stitch and stockinette stitch to make a slightly boxy appearance. With the first "box and the last on the scarf I plan to sew with a vintage button in dark red a crocheted little piece.

I'm starting on the second area of stockinette surrounded with garter stitch because stockinette I found out will curl.

This is more of the pretty color in deep red.

I cast on 26. This project takes 3 skeins/balls of yarn.

I will block this piece when done.  This is why the button and crochet lace are not attached yet.
Mr. Darcy made me a blocking board with his creative side. 
I've used other yarns to play with and made Miss Abigail a very soft, pink scarf which almost matches her inner ears.

This scarf is made with a very soft alpaca blend yarn. She is my pet clothes model. ;0
I feel I should crossstitch something small and encouraging as well if my fingers would go fast enough.
My hand is doing much better unless I try to twist off the top of a jar....can't do that yet.
I'll probably do that as well for her.
So, I hope you all are adjusting to the Spring forward time better than I am because I feel as if it's 10am and it's 1pm almost!
Much to do today even though on Sundays I like to get a little R and R.
I still need to plan dinner tonight.
I'm thankful for getting over the "crud" this week. Mr. Darcy still is holding on to it though and not feeling well. I hope it's sunny tomorrow as much as it is today. Warm but the wind makes it still cool for sweaters and jackets.
In reflection of my friend's diagnosis, I can only cling myself as well to scripture that encourages us all going through tough times. Maybe you as well today.
I have ALWAYS loved Charles Spurgeon. He has a devotional morning and evening. This is for today ironically. You know, Job, of all people knew what trials and tribulations were and this is the verse for today's devotional.
"Man…is of few days, and full of trouble." — Job 14:1
It may be of great service to us, before we fall asleep, to remember this mournful fact, for it may lead us to set loose by earthly things. There is nothing very pleasant in the recollection that we are not above the shafts of adversity, but it may humble us and prevent our boasting like the Psalmist in our morning’s portion. “My mountain standeth firm: I shall never be moved.” It may stay us from taking too deep root in this soil from which we are so soon to be transplanted into the heavenly garden. Let us recollect the frail tenure upon which we hold our temporal mercies. If we would remember that all the trees of earth are marked for the woodman’s axe, we should not be so ready to build our nests in them. We should love, but we should love with the love which expects death, and which reckons upon separations. Our dear relations are but loaned to us, and the hour when we must return them to the lender’s hand may be even at the door. The like is certainly true of our worldly goods. Do not riches take to themselves wings and fly away? Our health is equally precarious. Frail flowers of the field, we must not reckon upon blooming for ever. There is a time appointed for weakness and sickness, when we shall have to glorify God by suffering, and not by earnest activity. There is no single point in which we can hope to escape from the sharp arrows of affliction; out of our few days there is not one secure from sorrow. Man’s life is a cask full of bitter wine; he who looks for joy in it had better seek for honey in an ocean of brine. Beloved reader, set not your affections upon things of earth: but seek those things which are above, for here the moth devoureth, and the thief breaketh through, but there all joys are perpetual and eternal. The path of trouble is the way home. Lord, make this thought a pillow for many a weary head!

Hold on to the Son,


  1. Thanks for sharing that devotional. Your friend will be blessed by your thoughtful and pretty scarf. Will pray for her.

  2. You can never go wrong with Spurgeon. Love the scarf!

  3. Very pretty scarf. I hope your friend responds positively to treatment.

  4. That's awful about your friend but that is a nice scarf to make her.


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