Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Twisted Tuesday--new knitting project and old/new cross stitch pattern

The foot is getting much better, thankfully! Woke up last night with it hurting but wrapping it during the day helps a bunch. Mr. Darcy's sweet love helps too. 

While NOT doing housework and such at the homestead yesterday ((((sigh)))), I knitted up a small journal cover. There is a great pattern in a book called Simple Knitting: A complete how-to-knit workshop with 20 projects  by Erika Knight. This book is from Joanne's Fabrics store.
 I got it back a few months ago when I SO wanted to learn how to knit. Along with U tubes, both have been helpful.
page 75 is number 4 lesson Notebook

So this is the end result and should be fairly easy going now. I will get some leather tie and sew a button on. I plan to cut up some rough paper, probably from a grocery bag and punch holes in it to put in the binder.

Then I'll show pics later of it finished out. So far one small notebook done and the next working on it. I have a couple of people I would like to give these to for Valentines Day.

Using # 9 Bates aluminum needles with Lion's Brand Mixed Berries. It's really a pretty yarn but I have to say it's tweedy texture didn't really have any "give" to it and it split quite a bit.

Got to sew a button on it, get some leather string, find a grocery bag to cut up rough papers yet to go. I've also thought about using some lace instead, as this if for Valentines.

And on to the second one.

Knitting really has been enjoyable, productive and anxiety-reducing all in one.

Anybody heard of this sampler maker?    This is a package with DMC floss, and the 26 ct natural linen, and chart for a gorgeous sampler with one of my favorite Bible verses. I think it was put out in the 80's.

It's a band sampler.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"

I don't know when I will start this but I just had to show you. I had not heard of this designer before. If you have or know of other patterns, let me know!

This pattern is very little to see. I will have to use magnifier to read it; however,
the address and name on the pattern is:

Words of Praise
2 Alexis Drive
Richmond, Virginia 23231

Whoever is the designer, did a great job and the work is so meaningful.THANK YOU!

The colors are PERFECT for our family room!

The natural, unbleached linen in 26 ct will be perfect for my vision as well.

Well, I guess I've started enough projects for who knows when to finish.

The Downton Abbey episode was so SAD this past Sunday night. Of all people, Sybil. {{{frown}}}

 We can't wait to see the next one though.
I haven't much progress to show on my spot sampler for DA but when the mood strikes I'll pick it up again.
Right now I have a bit of stitcher's ADD.


Is it the Winter time?

the variety of crafts we all have in stash?

Whatever it is, it keeps me going!

As the verse says~~Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Carry-on and stay strong!
Love to all,


  1. very sweet sampler..enjoy stitching it..
    hugs x

  2. Goodness--what happened on DA last weekend? I MISSED it!! Dang it! Like that new sampler too, but never heard of the designer. Will ask around... Hugs!

  3. Very pretty! I do remember those Words of Praise patterns. I may cave one or two somewhere in my stash.

  4. The designer was most prolific in the 80s. She has a number of samplers. The Attic in Mesa,AZ carries them as just charts. The are all great. Your knitting is beautiful.

  5. The colours on the sampler look great. You are making lots of great progress with your learning skills.

  6. This is one of my favorite verses. One that I repeat to myself in those dark nights of the soul. I cried Sunday night, as you say so sad.


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