Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finishing Knitting Projects and My Finished Stitching Journal

I finished my Kindle Cozy today!

By whip stitching in the calico lining and making a flower button on the corner, I then tucked in my reading glasses, small Kindle light, and Kindle and it's ready to go now.

 Abbie was really not into my crafting today. It takes away from her snuggle time.

NEXT, I finished with this in mind:

My Stitching Motif Journal

made with love by Feathers in the Nest

I knitted in garter stitch the journal color in Lion's Brand tweed yarn in Mixed Berries with #9 Bates knitting needles.

After binding off, I decided instead of inserting rough paper, that I would cut some Antique White 28 ct linen into  slightly larger pieces than the binder cover. 9 pages.
I used some white DMC  to "bind" the pages of linen together.

I sewed on a vintage red button from my stash and the white thread wrapped around it for closure. Then tied on some white ribbon.
I'm sure othe ribbons, laces, buttons and ideas are endless on securing this journal..............

 The girl is silly.

When you have sewn the 3 part binder and secured it, you can see the pieces of linen of which you can stitch 1 over 1 on this 28 count for small motifs and have a nice journal.
This pic is when you roll back the knit cover.

Other ideas include:

redwork motifs
heart motifs
crown motifs
Christmas motifs
small verses or words
whatever your HEART desires!

You may want to cut your linen pieces smaller, make a bigger knitted binder (i/e for 5 x7 pieces), or a variation of things.
I just thought this size would be neat.

I'm knitting a second one to put rough paper in for a paper journal in progress now.

Well, today went by in a flash and soon to head to sleepy time.

I did make some really good Banana Bread from a different recipe.
I thought it would be perfect for one large loaf pan floweth over in the oven......;)

Seriously. It did. Made a mess to clean up. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.....methinks it's time for getting ready for bed.

This picture reminds me of Mr. Darcy and me.
Time to snuggle, be silly and tell bedtime stories. :p

With love in my heart and home,


  1. Jennifer: Beautiful finish I love the floral print it reminds me of spring.

  2. wow it is so beautiful..i love it so much..
    happy friday x

  3. Nice job on both. I've been knitting a little, mainly dishcloths and scarves. I started a scarf while visiting my mom and I think I won't have enough yarn to finish. The pattern is kinda lacey and I only bought 3 balls of silk wool yarn that was on sale. That means I can't get anymore of it. Oh well, I'll just have to find a different pattern.
    Happy knitting!

  4. Great idea for a stitch journal. Your Kindle cosy looks perfect for keeping everything together for slipping into your handbag.


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