Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twisted Tuesday

So how many of us made New Year's resolutions this year???  and still are keeping them???
well, I broke one but reset it to start again soon.
Just remember it's never too late to start over. Just the mere fact that you try is enough of a start for encouragement that YOU CAN!

this is one reason, and only one that I have not gotten as much as I like done.
This is the OTHER side of the burn. I wouldn't even put the burned parts of my arm and top of my right hand on here are you might freak.

But slowly with medicine it's getting better except for one spot which yesterday they think after looking at it was really a third degree burn. It's painful and on top of my right hand.
But like I said it's so much better.
I pulled out the container the spaghetti sauce was cooking in and it melted it, so that's how hot it was.

Miss Abbie has been the sweetest in accompaning the plan of care of healing, along with some metal tasting Cipro and silvadene cream wraps.

I did manage to vacuum last night and oh what hair balls from Miss Abbie she makes.
If all that fiber could be put together I would never have to buy white DMC again.

So lately things that have helped me heal are:

silvadene wraps
Strawberry milkshakes from DQ
and more sleep

yes, time heals wounds and this, we all know is true. So for this time, today, I'm going to make the best of it with what I have and try to have fun while I"m at it!

Abbie says "Hi ya'll"

She is claiming HER side of the bed. She's out like a light in a minute while I read in bed.

yep, out like a light. She loves the smell of Downy straight out of the dryer. ;)

Hope your Tuesday goes well and that TIME is moving for you in a positive direction!

I ordered a very cool pattern just the other day with the threads and linen. I can't wait to show you!

Stay cozy,


  1. Hope those burns heal quickly...

  2. The quilt on your bed is very pretty.
    Hope those burns heal quickly.


  3. Jennifer, ouch..so sorry to hear about your burns. Hope you heal quick!

  4. Okay, um, I am glad that picture isn't the best. Yikes! What burns. Poor Jennifer, I am sorry. I will pray for much healing. Take care now. imvickie@yahoo.com

  5. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  6. oh dear..i really hope the burns heal quickly..
    sending you hugs xxx

  7. glad to hear you are healing a wee bit better and Abbie is looking gorgeous as ever :) love mouse xxxx

  8. Sending you good thoughts for a speedy recovery...

  9. Oh Jennifer the exact same thing happened to my MIL a few years in removing a plastic bowl with soup in it. It made me a believer in the fact that some containers just aren't microwave safe. So sorry that you're still in so much pain. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way

  10. Ow ow ow ow ow. I used to work in a kitchen and had casual burns from the griddle and deep fat fryer but fortunately, nothing that bad. Hope it heals up soon. Get yourself a nice aloe plant for when it starts to itch.

  11. Praying for your total healing! Your burns look so painful and I can't even imagine what the other side looks like - well, yes I can. My hubby and I owned a dry cleaners and my hubby put the presser down on his arm by accident. It was horrible! He was using all the same products you are and it did heal but the scars are horrible. Hope you will heal with no scars.

    I love that little Abbie and had to laugh when you said she loves the smell of Downey. My Cocker-spaniel does, too, and so does my Yorkie. They go crazy when their beds or the bed blankets come out of the dryer. LOL

    Take care and God bless - Julie

  12. I hope you heal quickly. Take it easy, rest and get plenty of Abby love and care.

  13. Oh my, but that burn looks painful. I'm glad it is getting better. I hope you won't be too badly scarred. I'm so glad you have Miss Abbie to help you get through this rough time.

  14. I am so sorry to learn of your injury...hang in there...the body is amazing and you will heal! When I look at the pictures of your sweet Abby, I see a loving and caring companion.
    Rest up!


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