Sunday, July 8, 2012

Colonial Kids~~~~

Colonial Kids
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2012

This morning, I awoke dreaming I was at Colonial Williamsburg and basking in the beauty of the area with the museums, the shops, and the culture of colonial days.
Then I was inspired to put my thoughts to graph for a design I think you might like if you love Colonial art as much as I do! I probably could spend at least 1 week if not 2 there at Colonial Williamsburg.
Yesterday, I talked about loving sillouettes and I guess with both in mind I created this design.
I hope you enjoy!
You can use any color of course but I am going to stitch in a Colonial Blue and Dark Brown but I haven't yet selected the fabric.
Overdyed threads would look best, of course, with this but any fibers will make a good sampler.

You can add initials, dates, etc to personalize for your "kids".

I'm excited now and putting down my BBD BAP to start on this. I LOVE sillouettes. Then, I will pick back up on the BBD sampler Love One Another in the My Dear Friend book.

You can also stitch just a boy or a girl motif for a sweet nursery or child's room.

If you do stitch this up, share with me by email and I will show on the blog for others to see!
This will be offered as a freebie for a limited time.

Well this weekend, I have finally done.........nothing....yep, and it feels good for a change.
I walked outside a time or two and felt like I walked off the plane in Arizona. HOT, is not the word for it. Oh, it's this time of year, mid July, that I start to long for Fall. Fall is my favorite time of year and it's when the mountains show off their colors in all ranges and shades, apple cidar is on my stove warming for friends, and the chunky sweaters and sock feet are warming by the fireplace again in the evenings. But for now..............

 The dog days of Summer are here.

Even Abbie is ready to go for a stroll when the weather cools off.
Here in the North Georgia mountains, I can certainly say that in the 11 years I have lived here, this has been the hottest Summer evah! Even though it's pretty hot outside, Miss Abigail, picks a cozy spot in the cool air-conditioning.

 I think she is praying for another oatmeal cookie.

 I kinda used some of the ones I made for treats this weekend and she loved it.

 I guess you could say she is my Colonial kid. :)


  1. Lovely new design. Thank you for sharing it.

    We finally have a break in the heat...from 3 digets to 68 over night!!!! Got the windows open for the first time since the middle of May and that's not an feels soooooo good.

  3. Love Colonial Williamsburg! I think a week or two sounds fabulous.
    Your deck is looking gorgeous. A lot of work, but so worth it in the end. Love the barn red stain!
    Cute design. Thanks for sharing!


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