Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

Well, we have had a blast for 2 days on our trip to Washington DC. Things we have seen or done include:

  • watching a black cow try to cross Interstate 95---road kill that could be a TBone all in one. LOL
  • finding a SUPER Target and getting lost in it for 3 hours
  • finding a Hobby Lobby and getting lost in it for 2 hours
  • had a repeat diagnostic mammogram to confirm an abnormal finding. The longest 24 hours or worry but all is benign. LIFE IS GOOD!
  • Saw about 40 signs that said "Washington"
  • stitched two rows of Quaker freebie from Needleprint blog in the dark but gave up on the bumpy roads.
  • had a yoga session last night
  • decided that a 36 inch flat screen in our bedroom is going to be a must-gift for Christmas
  • figured out about Fayetteville that I brought the wrong clothes for the weather
  • picked up a pair of yoga pants at Target
  • loved my hubbie and we laughed like we were on a Senior trip. FUN!
  • put a book on audio from my Kindle so we both could hear it through the car speakers. We read the whole book, published in November 2010, called No Comfort Zone. It was enlightening. That was the first time we listened to a whole book together like that.
  • watched Body guard have a spout with the bell boy while I was about to faint and finally just fell over the comfy soft heavenly bed and let them duke it out.
  • ate at two separate Cracker Barrels and having a barrel of fun in each---I dunked a honey mustard  for Tanya. I did. I really did. Just saying!
  • Decided I do not travel well because organization is a weakness for me. I take it all.
  • Ate at Pizza Hut in the Super Walmart in between picking out yoga pants, that I left.
  • found a jewelry pouch there to cover my small Vusion magnifier so it won't get scratched and the sweet boy gave it to me free.
  • Got on the elevator with room service and they had a tall pitcher of Ice Tea and obviously he didn't speak much English as I asked him randomly if it was sweet tea and he said " no sweet tea has "surga"
  • watched the lady at check in snicker to another person when I talked because she could tell I was Southern. I can't help it yal'll.
  • found out the new Tylenol we just got was recalled.
  • realized I  need a 12 step program for Target.
  • passed an Eifell Tower.
  • stopped at more rest stations than I ever thought possible.
Oh well, plans for tomorrow and also In Stitches to get some stash! Hope your week is just as happy!

On the road again.


  1. Your trip sounds fun and very full! I'm so glad you're having this great time with your man.

    God bless you - Julie

  2. wow sounds like you've had a blast :) good news on the tests :) loved reading about it all ... see you soon love mouse xxxxx

  3. Jennifer. so happy your test results were good. It's a really worrying time, isn't it? You sound as though you're really enjoying your self and that you're back to our cherished 'old' Jennifer again. Enjoy the rest of your trip. and don't forget how much the descriptions etc. mean to those of us confined to the house. Blessings my Dear

  4. You're a hoot - see you soon :)


  5. Sounds like you are having a great trip.

    Continue having fun!

  6. Glad the trip has gone so well!

  7. I'm still chuckling at your post! So glad to hear your test came back okay!

    Have fun with the rest of your trip - safe journey!!

  8. Hi Jennifer, so pleased your results were good. It's a very worrying time while you wait, isn't it? It's lovely to have our 'happy' Jennifer back. You sound as though you're having a wonderful time. Please keep sharing all the pics and descriptions. You have no idea what they mean to those of us who are house-bound. Have a terrific time Blessings

  9. Funny hearing about Fayetteville!!! And, yes, of course I recognize the Effiel Tower there at Bordeaux Shopping Center.....too funny....

    I cannot believe you actually got to met Tanya Sampler Girl! What a total treat!!! I admire her so much~ Sounds like you are having a blast and yes...brrrr...its COLD here in the Carolinas... But, they tell me its going to change soon though!!!

    Take care, Faye

  10. In Stitches? My In Stitches? I missed you as I was running errands all day as I get ready to leave for the Dallas Needlepoint Market in the morning. Hope you had a good visit?
    Say hi next time you are up.
    Ellen/In Stitches Alexandria, VA

  11. In Stitches? My In Stitches? I was running errands all day and so I must have missed you. Hope you had a good time, say hello!!
    Ellen/In Stitches--Alexandria, VA

  12. Good news on your test results. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


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