Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Friday and hard to believe

Wow! this week has flown by so fast!

Today, I spent a very long day in conference but it's a great one. One of the best I've been to in my 20 years of attending them. Straight through the day too. Even lunch included 1000 folks all listening to lectures and the latest updates from National Institute of Health, Women's Health division.

I met some folks who lived all over, even international physicians, nurse practitioners, PAs in various fields of Primary Care, Gynecology, etc. Interesting day. The conference is so large they ran out of chairs in a huge ballroom of the  1000 folks early this morning.

Got a new textbook, hot off the press from last week.

 Spent the evening of a great dinner with my hubbie ( who has profiled many people on our visit) and enjoyed relaxing, taking rides through the city, etc while I'm in conference.
We start early in the morning. Starts at 7am and ends at 5:30pm, no lunch (well, we will have something to eat but they keep lecturing). The food at lunch was very good!  DARK chocolate cake and icing for dessert as we talk about lipid levels.......that was odd. Anyways,

So life is balanced. Tickling the right brain and the left brain this week.

Stitching a bit today. Please excuse the yellowing of the pics. The lighting in this hotel is not conducive for photos of stitching kind.

Started Pink Hill Manor by Blackbird Designs
30 ct R & R linen in Irish Creme
2 over 2
This looks like one color fiber; however, it is 2 blends of CC Endive and CC Chamomile in this pic. (again, not so good lighting)
I can't wait to start on the beautiful muted pinks, like CC Jakey Brown.

And hot off the press last week~~~~ a new add to my reference library at home (totally not stitching LOL) but it still gave me a happy dance at the reference table today!!!

Great authors in the field of women's endocrinology (which I love). I think it's so interesting to read how women are unique in our chemistry and we really are complex creatures. ;)
Honestly, this addition published 2011, last week released. SO excited to get it.

It's 1437 pages, typo, one thousand, four hundred and thirty-seven pages of interesting reading and THE most up-to-date research.

So quite a variety of experiences this week and more to come.

Time for some yoga. I brought my mat AND yoga ball (can you believe it?) ok, ok, yes you can.......we brought everything in but the yoga ball so Body Guard went to get it today out of the car while I was in conference. He said he got a few odd looks on the elevator......can you imagine?  It's a big PURPLE ball as big as a big beach ball! Is this love or what?

As 6am will be quite early to raise my eyelids, I best get to a short yoga session and then stitch myself to sleep with a cup of decaf hot tea.

We are missing Abbie alot. Last night found  my laptop cord, almost chewed in half though, that little stinker! She's forgiven more easily now. A call in to the sitter said yesterday she was quite "temperamental" but today better. She growled and Miss Abbie never growls at people. She's eating ok though and I'm sure will be happy when we pick her up. I remember Ren would pout as a puppy for a day or two before getting back in the swing of things. We will see how Miss Abbie does this time.

Here's the evidence.

Patient:  Abigail Renee Dalenberg
Diagnosis: frayed charger cord secondary to separation anxiety!
Prognosis: good
Plan of care: Keep cords off the floor
Replace with more chew toys.

That's my version......

BodyGuard's version is:

Subject: Abigail Renee Dalenberg
Problem:  Juvenile Delinquent Behavior
Plan: Open Case File
 Profile Pic:

Yes we are nuts tonight...LOL

I went to plug it in at the hotel and shrieked last night. I knew whose teethmarks those were. I'm happy she didn't get shocked! It still works so I'm not complaining there but we might have to let the vet take out the whole entire second row of bottom permanent teeth that she has, as they recommended because she is "teething" alot obviously. Yep, she never lost all her teeth behind the row of permanent ones and they recommended her to have surgery to have them removed.

Till later!


  1. Where are you....and which conference? I am an FNP and CNM and always looking for great conferences!

  2. You have definitely been busy! I am still chuckling at your version vs. BG's version of Abbie's behavior!

  3. You are on a whirlwind this week! Glad you are having a great time at the conference. I love your Pink Hill Manor start - the fabric is so pretty. Poor Abbie, she misses her mommy and daddy. She needs to get a lot of treats when you get home!


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