Sunday, March 27, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg sampler

This morning as I think of Colonial Williamsburg, I started a sampler design to remember our visit in the next couple of weeks. I will gradually add other motifs to it.

This is my first thought and starting point.  The two colors here are Gentle Art Liberty (blue) and soot (key). Fabric, any vintage and count of choice. I hope to visit a needlework shop on the trip and pick out some pretty, pretty Williamsburg colors and linen to add motifs of my experience on the trip. You can stitch alone on a smaller piece of fabric or start with a larger one and add the other motifs later.   

Colonial Williamsburg

design by Feathers in the Nest

copyright 2011

I think I've posted this poem before but for all newbies or if you haven't seen it before, it's pretty neat and is folded and put in my personal journal.

The Sampler

by Lynda D. Prouse

Rummaging around a junk shop
One lazy summer day,
I stumbled across a treasure.

It was a delicate piece of embroidery,
Called a "sampler" long ago,
Made by a young seamstress
While learning how to sew.

Though the edges were worn and faded,
The tiny stitches remained intact,
Each one vividly portraying
A pictorial of interesting fact.

It showed her house and garden,
A delightful scene from yesterday,
Birds flew across the fabric
All stitched in a magical way.

Flowers sprouted around the borders
In rows of sparkling hues
And in the bottom left-hand corner
Was the date of 1882.

I took in all its features
with eager and appreciative eyes
And couldn't believe my good luck
At discovering this wondrous prize.

It was like gazing through a window
To a place I imagined to be,
A simpler time to live in~~~
Just right for a dreamer like me.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!


  1. Jennifer - I love it!! This is one of my family's favorite places to go! I will wait to see what else you add, but will stitch this definitely as we are visiting there nexxt month as well!

  2. If ou are headed to washington, DC..get off 95 going N on route one and visit the needlework show still going on at Woodlawn( they are closed on Tuesday)It is just 1 mile north of Ft Belvoir on the leftright before Roy Rodgers. You can go to In Stitches an fullfill your dreams of stitching there. Carol M

  3. Very nice start, I look forward to the finished pattern thank-you for sharing all your lovely free patterns with us stitchers.
    Happy Easter

  4. I love Williamsburg! I'm so jealous of you. This is a sweet remembrance of your trip!

  5. Great start, Jennifer. Williamsburg is one of my favorite places!

    Thanks for sharing the poem again, too!

  6. Williamsburg is one of my all-time, must-see someday,cities. I love anything with a history attached and this city has always drawn me to it. When my family visits the East Coast this will be a for sure the meantime I will anxiously stitch your sampler, thanks so much for sharing it with all of us.


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