Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Madness

Our trip is delayed right now with one single phone call. But things can change in a moment's time. This I know for sure.

I've had many emails regarding this design, Stitching Friends Forever by Debbie Draper Designs. I have emailed her at the email address on her website and it's pending about how to get this freebie as I don't see it on her website. But if you want to cruise her website:

here is her website. Just click and explore. I'm not sure if she is still designing. Hoffman did a biography on her.
She doesn't have this listed as a freebie on there but you can see some pretty designs. I love Quaker Moments.  Explore today if you will to see what she has.

I will let you all know as soon as I hear from her where this design can be found.

We've had a hiccup in our travel plans and taking one day at a time right now. Something has come up that has to be taken care of prompto.

Abbie is now at the pet sitters. I miss her so much already. I think in the ruckus she knew something was up.

 I finished Pepsi's sampler and need to finish into something with this fabbie. Keeps my mind busy.

I had help with a new light. A Vusion by Mighty Bright. This is definitely worth the money for stitchers on travel or if you want to put on a table. It has an adjustable magnifier and LED light which is adjustable to two tones of light. I found this one at a Hobby Lobby.

And another stork delivery today of the Swarvorski crystal kind by Tool Tron. I love the red crystal in the eye of the stork.

This is all the stork will bring to this homestead. Promise.

The Kindle is fully charged now and I got 2 books in addition for the trip. I heart my Kindle. Latest book I loaded is called Night Road by Kristin Hannah. It's a newbie. Published this year. And also bought a 99cent one called What About Now? Reminders for Being in the Moment by Gina Lake.

These sweet frames were half off at Hobby Lobby last week so I had to show you how cute they are.
I have no idea what I will put into them but my favorite is the pink one.

although the sweetness of this baby sold me here.

And so day 7.

 Life keeps changing moment by moment.

To keep my mind busy, between now and tomorrow I am going to try to select some good traveling projects and finish packing. I'll share my final travel projects.

I need to stay busy.
I need to stay busy.

late edit note:

found the design here for free but 3.15 Euros (I think).

looks like it's free but the shipping and it's only offered through paper print.


  1. Hi I'm a new follower!! I just wanted to say Hi and say I look forward to following your blog!

  2. I just love your work. Whoever gets it will be thrilled I'm sure. The Pepsi one makes me wanna cry. It will be treasured.

    I can't stand to think of Abbie away. Maybe she'll have fun but AWWWW!

  3. Poor Abbie, I think she should come along on the trip. She's so little she could fit in your tote bag!
    Your Pepsi finish is a lovely and touching remembrance.

  4. Don't know what is going on with your travel plans right now but I hope things are well with you.

    Thinking about you as always....

  5. Jennifer,
    Pets know when we're frazzled so Abbey sure did know something was up! Thinking of you and hoping all will be ok.


  6. I just love all your samplers Jennifer. I have looked high and low for Stitching Friends because like everyone else it seems I fell in love with it too. I did manage to find it at a cross-stitch store in, believe it or not, Italy. It is a free design there but you do have to pay shipping, which for me in about 15 to 20 dollars at least. Anyway the name of the store is Casa Cenina and you can find them on line.I hope Abbie is doing okay and you will be able to leave soon.

  7. So sorry to hear you plans have been delayed. Hopefully you'll be on your way soon!

  8. Hopefully you will be able to get on the road soon (if you aren't already)! Your pieces are gorgeous as always!

  9. hope you manage to get away ... sending Abbie a cuddle ... and nice frames too :) love mouse xxxx

  10. I also love and have that Bright Light...we see it at JoAnn's too. I loke that the base is magnatic and can be removed to use as a clip light. Hope your travel plans get back on track soon....

  11. Sorry to hear that your plans have been delayed, hope things are sorted out soon!

    Hugs to you - (((Jennifer)))


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