Sunday, June 26, 2011

Orange Cake requested by the Birthday Guy

This evening is about the first chance I've had to cook this birthday cake, requested specifically by Body Guard. His birthday was Thursday and he wanted me to make an Orange Cake but I couldn't that day so............

This is the first time I cooked an Orange Cake so I got help from Duncan Hines for the base of the cake and then played with other stuff in the pantry to make it look PURDY and taste GOOOOOOOOD!

This slice started with the basic Orange cake mix.

from the Dutch oven

I changed up the box additives, less water a bit, and more oil so it would not be dry.
The layers turned out well.

While they were cooking, I got out some PEECANS and put in a bag to crush them with the end of a very old knife sharpener, which looks like a weapon but it's not.  ;)

Cheaper to buy the halves and crush at home and it's also a great stress management option for me. 

Then, I took a bowl and put this cream cheese frosting in it.

Then I pile it in with the nuts, about 2 cups crushed. (PEECANS, I mean.....that sounded kinda painful..)

AND, I definitely, would use 2 cans for this cake when frosting next time as I ran out for the side of it.

Then I put some Mandarin Oranges to the side, because I was too lazy to go to town to get an orange to slice and this is what I had in the pantry.....

Stir the frosting and the PEECANS and try not to taste it, but of course I had to.

took the cooled layers and started playing then.

Then I had a flashback to the Aqua-color, Eazybake oven in the late 60's with the lightbulb.......ok, I know that's crazy.

started with this, adding some dried cranberries on top.

Then finished with the second layer

And it does have alot of calories probably but gotta have fun on birthdays.

And the birthday guy was happy and pleased.

Probably not too healthy for the week, but this was his birthday request for a cake.

 I just kinda did my own thing with it.

And while we were eating our cake and saw how happy he was, I said, "Is it good enough for me to go order all the stitching stash I want?" and giggled.......and he gave me this look........and grunted slightly.

Dang it!

He didn't want me to tell how old he is now, but I can tell you that we have been getting AARP magazines for about 4 years now.....LOL

Stay cool!


  1. Happy Birthday to you husband :)
    That cakes looks delicious.
    What did little Abigail give him? The honor to eat a bit of his cake?

  2. Yummy!! Happy Birthday to BG!!!

  3. oooo it looks scrummy .. glad to see BG enjoyed it :) and happy belated birthday too :) love mouse xxxx
    p.s nice try for some new stash heheheh

  4. LOL, sixty four then, right? I'm an AARP member, but only because I'm on medicare with my disability. It sucks that I don't know the age, lol. It's either sixty or sixty five for the normal people. Nice looking cake. If you had used butter cream icing, I would have been all over that! I strongly dislike cheesecake though. So that would be a no no for me! Like the dried cranberries and the nuts and the mandarin oranges though. Yummy!! Glad he had a happy birthday! {shouts} Happy belated, BG!!

  5. Your Hubbie looks pretty pleased with his cake. It looks yummie...
    My birthday is next Monday. I think I just want a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. I know I am boring....Have a good week!!

  6. What a cute post.
    Birthday boy sure looks like he's enjoying it - and my mouth is watering.
    It looks absolutely divine!

  7. Hahaha Jennifer, I love your posts. Please tell BG Happy Birthday from me. As for the AARP stuff, I have been receiving info from them for about 5 years now and I am not even 50 yet. So there is still no idea how old he may be. The cake really looked good.

  8. The whole cake sounds good, but I would have left out the manderin slices,my taste buds just shivered at the thought of them.LOL
    glad it was liked(?) and now maybe you could make plans for next year.
    I go to a Birthday BBQ next week, and will make one of the many close to the fourth and the actual b-day is on the 5th, so will have fun with this.
    Hope your hubby got what he wanted for his b-day - except for the cake,

    Have a Happy Stitching week now.


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