Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confessions on Thrifty Thursday

I don't know if you agree, but WHERE did this year fly by to????  July 1st is tomorrow??? OMG!

When I walk out, I realize as my glasses fog up that it's hot, Georgia weather, but it seems time is flying by faster than usual.  I confess, sometimes, time is flying here. 

I haven't gotten alot of stitching done this week at all but did finally put together a simple, large panel I got for 99cents---yes, a thrifty find on the Bay of Good and Evil, from the Williamsburg collection. I think someone was cleaning out their fabbies. They also sent a stained muslin to back it but I used some fabbie I had from another trip last year (Boston) to back it. Stuffed it with an entire bag of stuffing and makes a good blend in the family room/ keeping room.

It's Abbie Approved.

And the few stitches I put in Ann Hill, are shameful but maybe a few.....I confess the Anthony trial has taken my eyes too much instead of staying on the linen.......{{{eyes down}}}

there are too many WOW factors in this trial. And as a women's advocate/child advocate, I'm watching this trial hoping that justice for Caylee will be served.

Thank goodness it's almost over, so stitching can get on track.  Whew! What a case.

But I think I'm officially ready for the 4th events on Monday with this new red pedi. I was a real treat!  A splurge but not a thrifty thing to do on Thursday.

I also confess that I finally broke down and got a "wooden tool" from the Amy's website. It looked perfect for helping me tuck in those extra hanging fibers behind my work. I have another one that I keep losing and it's smaller but I think this bigger one I can keep up with better. When I get it, I will post a pic. ;)

The afternoon will be filled with people who are doing some work on our house so you know how that goes.
Yesterday, princess, sweet Abbie chased a guy up the stairs at his heels, hubbie said.
I had errands after work and was late. He fed her pizza.....ALOT of pizza and this morning she greeting me wagging her tail, jumping in my lap and smelling of GROSS.

Yes, she had PooPants Syndrome. This happens with dogs that have "pants" occasionally and it's gross.
So she and I headed straight downstairs to give her  a bath of which she really does love.

So all is happy at the homestead on this Thursday.

Hope your day is filled with sweet things instead of  bits of poo. :o

Till later,


  1. The new pillow looks great and any stitching is better than none at all. I wish my toes looked as good as yours do. I have plans to use my bright red polish this weekend too.

  2. Love the new pillow!! And I agree with Donna - any stitching is better than none! I wish my piggies looked half as good as yours!! I'm in great need of a good pedi!

  3. So far, no poo, but that could change at any moment, lol. At least she likes her bath!! Sorry you haven't had much stitchy time lately. That's never fun. I sincerely hope that piece of sh*& burns in hell for killing a child she was supposed to protect. That's all I have to say about her. Your toenails look great! Love that glossy polish. And I'm glad you enjoyed the pedicure. I've never had one, but I don't like to be touched either, so it's no surprise!!

  4. nice pillow :) love your red nail polish wish my feet looked as good :) and had to laugh when I saw Abbie looking like a drowned rat... most indignant at the injustice of a bath first thing love mousexxxx

  5. Wonderful new pillow and oooh, a pedi is so wonderful!

  6. Love your new pillow. Looks great. Had to giggle about Abbies poo pants.
    Stitching is lovely too.


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