Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Very Cool Stitching Site if you like tutorials and threads!

While I'm procrastinating this morning of the chores I NEED to be doing, and sipping my Earl Grey decaf tea, digesting my brunch and vitamins, I just want to show you a couple of eye candy sites. I haven't ordered from these, just wondered if you all have used this thread before?  What do you think about it?  Aren't the colors pretty?  Silk is always pretty to me!

click   HERE

Amy Mitten Designs website, the threads, Smooth Operator--silks

AND looks like she is going to be adding ONLINE TUTORIALS for stitchers!!! YEAH!!!!!!

I thought I favorited the scissors I liked yesterday but I guess I didn't ;(  when I find it I will share. They are beautiful. I think I went from a shoe addiction to a scissor addiction.

Miss Abigail has a hard life, doesn't she?  Yes, she watches TV?  Do your pets   furbabies watch TV?

She's really quite the character because she has her own little routine, thinks she needs to got to bed in the guest room at night, comes down stairs for her TREAT and then sits like this if the TV is on. Sits straight up and watches it. She does tend to fall asleep during the news though.......

Abbie is one little happy camper today.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I've never used those silks, but they look quite interesting. The names are really something. I have three cats. They are completely spoiled. They tend to take over whatever chair they want. Currently, two of them, Snowball and Jessie Rose, have taken to getting up at 3, insisting I get up, and then going back to sleep, after they awaken me. Interesting characteristics my cats have.

  2. Yes Dear doesn't watch, but she likes to sit on my lap when I do. I'm surprised Abbie doesn't sleep with you!! Sorry you lost your scissors, and I'd love to see them once you find them again. I love pretty scissors. Now off to check out your site!

  3. Hey Jennifer!! Thanks for the link to Amy Mitten's site....Her silks look VERY interesting and although I have not tried them, I have wanted to! Let me know if you break down and order from her....

    Ms Abigail has "the life" for sure...So, does my furbaby! She is curled up as we speak and I am sure she will let me know when we need to do otherwise!

    Hope you have a good week and as ususal, I enjoy your blogposts..I often dont have the time to comment, but always am looking. Thanks also, for your kind words on my blog...They always inspire me and I truly appreciate it!!

    Take care, Faye

  4. Clarice not only watches tv but tries to "catch" things, people or other animals on the screen. It's so funny watching her get mad because try as she might, she just can't grasp a hold of anything. What joy and laughter furbabies add to our lives.

  5. Beautiful Jennifer...thank you for visiting me today~

    It took me 10 days to repaint and reorganize my studio and I'm feeling better than ever. I had more moments of being truly unfocused than I can say and while cleaning was longing to create. It's that spirit God has placed within me I suppose.

    Anyway...I got mine done and you will too. One day, one self, one box at a time. And then, before too terribly long, you'll be back once again doing what you love.


  6. Thanks for the link, I'm going to try these, that is once the postal strike is over. My fur baby is 11 years old, so she sleeps and snores while I try to watch TV.:)

  7. oooo thanks for the link .. have got a chart that uses these and I forgot about it till just now :) ... haven't got a furbaby to watch tv with me any more :( love mouse xxxx

  8. Very nice link!
    Oh goodness what an adorable kitty...I have two and sometimes I think they act more human at times than really necessary! lol
    I could watch mine for hours - thanks for sharing today.
    And thanks for commenting on my blog too...I have a long list of blogs to get added.
    yours is now on!


  9. Thanks for sharing the link Jennifer! I've never seen those before, but the names sure are intriguing and the colors look beautiful! I need to sell some unused stash before I buy anything else though.

    Our Bella (Shih-Zhu, Pug Mix) doesn't watch TV, but she certainly likes to sit on my lap while I watch.

  10. Yes, my animals watch tv if it's animal related otherwise they loose interest fast. Is the site you lost called "Silent Stitches" for any chance? That's a site with a lot of great scissors.


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