Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My needlework stand, adjustments, and start on A Princess Moment

Last night I went walking again, 2 mountain miles. It clears my head, my heart, my soul. Of course, I have snake boots on, as that's one lesson I've learned up in the mountains.....that boots are not just for Winter time.  Copper heads and Rattlesnakes have been spotted already in our neck of the woods and I saw a 6 foot rattler last Thursday in a neighbor's drive, slithering off into the wooded area.

Anyways, there are ways to accept things and snakes is a part of the area. The beautiful mountains though wins through it natural environment that is soothing my soul and inspires the body to get healthy again. I rotate it daily with yoga and find that this works well.

Last night I sat down at my Needlework 4 system and it flopped down to the floor several times. Let's just say I bought this needlework stand 2 years ago upon reading how great it was and as far as giving my shoulder a rest, it can do that for frequent snips on the back are a twirl away. I formerly had an old wooden stand that held Qsnaps and made many a Sampler Girl pattern on it! ;)

When my shoulder was injured in a car accident and with a herniated, and ruptured disks in my neck, I wouldn't give up stitching so I researched and read alot and wrote Vonna  about her's and she loved it. I'
m so glad I got it!
My hubbie put it together and it's been usable but I knew something wasn't right. We called the dealer and he sent another part and we put it on, and like I said the gut knew something still wasn't right but I tried to make do. Also I got the Qsnap holder instead of the frame holder and enjoyed that and recently I was going to purchase the small Qsnap holder (the one I have only holds one size), for smaller designs too. I looked at the priced and said WOOOOOO!  Let me get this one working right.

The add on piece I got this stand flops to the floor. You have to prop it up on top of the metal frame. Hubby said that it's not right. So bottom line is that we took off the "extension piece" that I bought separately and NOW it's WAY more stable and at a better height without slipping up and down by itself.

Next, is ordering a small Qsnap holder that will work with it so I can still get the easy "flip to the back" work on it. I do recommend this system if you tend to have arm, shoulder or neck issues. Most of the smaller designs I just hold the qsnap but it eventually causes alot of strain on my left arm (already has nerve damage) so I just make do. BUT, hoping to get the smaller qsnap holder soon.

Last night I only put a few stitches in, and got sleepy at 9p and went to bed, slept till 8am so my body must have needed it.  I got stumped on the gold color to use, as Gold Leaf was too bright, so this morning I'm digging in my pile of overdyes for a good color for "a Princess". I wanted to keep the Red and Blues of the British along in the theme.

I'm stitching on 28 count Antique White linen.

Yep, here is my color palette minus the old gold I'm looking for A Princess Moment by Feathers in the Nest.

going to frog out this yellow, Gold Leaf and look for Heirloom Gold. It's just not what I was looking for.

And here is the Needlework 4 stand taken back apart and without the extension piece.......much better in stability. Thanks BG!

And this is my best friend, Abigail, who assists me with decision-making, especially because we call the rug below the stand, "the snack mat". She will go to "the snack mat" with any prize treat and frequently eats her precious snacks here, thus it's name...LOl
She also brings me many toys when I try to stitch and lays them at my feet in hope for a play session. This morning, she picked, "Bunny Bob" and "Ginger Man" to assist me at "the snack mat"

She really prefers to be in my lap for a morning nap.

Giving her pats for all ya'll who send lovely messages for pats for her!  OH she gets LOTS of them, her little stinker self.

Back to designing this sampler, I finally found Garden Trellis a good pick for the engagement ring itself and also part of the key at the top of the design.

So this is waiting for me tonight. I'm off today but got a list of errands to run before I can sit down to it again.

Hope your Tuesday goes well and I'll keep up the progress pics as I go on this one.

I'm heading out to get a hair trim and oh, it needs it!

Love you all!!!


  1. Let me know how the stand is working. I also have shoulder and neck issues I talked with Vonna and Becky and still haven't made a decision. Your sampler is looking good...Can't wait to see the finish. I would love to hold Abbie for you, I am still missing my bunny. Pat

  2. I have a cheapie "universal" wooden stand that DH has modified a few times for me - it now has a 5lb weight attached to the wood base, so my SQ & Chatelaines don't tip it over :) AND he modded a clipboard into a chart holder for me - that's a great thing, though if I am working on something small - it's too close to me. Fortunately, I don't work small very often LOL The whole thing's crude, but hey, for $25 and some thought & effort, it works :)

    Pretty colors in your sampler - I'm anxious to see it come together!

  3. I too am working on this sampler amd simply loving it. It brings a smile to my heart as I stitch away and remember all the special moments of the wedding :). The stand looks nice and Abbie is such the helper, just like my lab Molly, who was on the couch with me alot this weekend as I worked on A Princess Moment. Molly has a Gingerbread Boy toy that she loves alot too, so she was happy to see Miss Abbie has one also. Itgets dragged out of her toy box every day. Hope your day goes well.

  4. I can only imagine how it would be to live in the mountains. Very soothing I bet.
    Your design is wonderful Jennifer, and the joy of having a stand that stands on it's own is one in it's self.
    Be always in stitches.

  5. Such a pretty design too. x

  6. I am just lovin' those shots of sweet Abigail!! Thx!!!

  7. Love the colour palette and can't wait to see more on it. I like your stand, I've not got a big stand and I'm just looking round at some to see whats best. Glad yours is fixed and more comfortable for you.

  8. Hope your errands went smoothly. Good to hear the stand is working as designed too.

    But, that snake thing - ugh. Snakes are not my friends!

    Happy stitching!

  9. I think the wildlife is a good trade off for being able to live in the North Georgia Mountains!

    Are you able to stitch with both hands? I've not been successful in mastering that. Glad you were able to find something that would enable you to stitch without hurting.

  10. Yikes! Snakes!!
    I would've run the other way! lol
    I hope you get your stitching stand set up right so that you are comfortable with it.
    Can't wait to see more progress on this sampler.
    Cute pics of Abbie!
    Pat-pat for her ;)

  11. For a brief moment as you were describing your Needlework 4 problem and how BG came to assist, I recalled Pretty Woman's opera glass scene... "So, you said this is in ltalian. - Uh-huh. - So how am I gonna know what they're singin'? These are broken. Mine are broken. - No, no. That's okay. It's all right..." Ah teamwork ;-) I've heard wonderful things about Needlework 4 and know that you'll find the right point of comfort.

    And I love your Abbie. I used to have a Chihuahua, Princess Penelope, aka Penny, apple-dome shaped head minus the fur.

    Thanks for sharing your color scheme ~ can't wait to see more!


  12. Lovely color palette. I can't wait to watch you progress on this one! Cute dog too. Of course, aren't all dogs cute?!?


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