Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pink Hill Manor progress and a possible Frame candidate

Picked up a few stitches on this Blackbird Design piece.

Pink Hill Manor

Wrinkles and all here---- but the thing is......I went antique shopping for a frame 2 weeks ago and saw one that looked almost identical to the one in the stitched model! I got quite giddy.

I was so excited......I knew it was a bit bigger but when I got it home, it was alot bigger.
Also, I got it for a great price but the lady who sold it, said....."you're not taking that picture out just to use the frame, right?" 

Me:  "yes, mam" (biting my lip nervously)

She shrieked practically. It was one of her items I think that she brought to the booth and I said that it was a beautful picture but I had a sampler in mind for it.

Now that it's bigger than I thought, I haven't decided for it to remain framed and hang as-is, get another frame for BBD piece


sew some pretty homespun fabbie around it to fit the frame!

the catcher is taking off the print which is very old.

And not feeling like I committed a felony. : P

I'm seriously thinking that I'm going to remove this print and put Pink Hill Manor in it.

Even though I'm a little nostalgic in removing this pretty print.

If you can see past the light flash on the paper....YIKES!  then you can see why I love this frame ;)


and now.

I still have a few stitches to decide.

I'm a bit perplexed though.

One thing I DO know for sure is that the prescription glasses I thought I lost forever and ever in January were waiting for me at the bedroom door this morning, presented to me by Miss Abigail Dalenberg! Evidently during the night she went into my closeet and found them in a purse or somewhere???

She was so proud......and I did a complete happy dance before I even made my first cup of tea. They do have her little teeth marks on the side a bit but still very usable and hardly noticable except by me probably and everytime I see them, I remember who loves me......

yes, she got an extra treat for that too......


  1. What a pretty piece your working on! I can so see why you love the frame! I'm curious, can you show how much bigger the frame would be? Perhaps you could stitch your piece on the top of another piece of linen, in a complimenary color, and then use the frame.

  2. I think that frame will look wonderful for pink hill manor. It is coming along, it should be done in no time. Abbie is such a good girl for finding the missing glasses. She must be so proud. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Pat

  3. Your Manor looks great. You're working pretty speedily on it!! Glad you found your glasses, or I guess I should say SHE found your glasses. And the teeth marks give them character, lol. That frame is almost identical to the frame in the picture, grats on the great find!!

  4. AWWWW fancy Miss Abbie finding your glasses after all this time :) The frame is perfect for your piece so go for it, take out the print and find another frame for it as it is very pretty :) lovely stitching as always :) love mouse xxx
    ps where did you get the pattern "stitching is my cup of tea" from ?? is it one of yours ?? love mouse who drinks lots of tea heheheh

  5. Beautiful stitching. Love the frame too. :)

  6. I wouldn't feel bad at removing the print at all! So go ahead. I'm sure the frame police are elsewhere today.

    How funny Abbie brought your glasses to you! I sure wish she'd find my Dovo scissors somewhere. Any chance she could come for a visit?

  7. Do not feel badly about removing the are providing the frame a new life!

  8. I love your Pink Hill Manor. One of these days I will get a BBD chart for myself. I really like the anniversary ones, but have yet to purchase any.

    As for the frame, it is certainly a beauty! The print is certainly lovely and if it was an old vintage photo in the frame, I might feel differently but seeing as it's not I don't think I would feel too badly taking it out of the frame and using it for your completed stitching. I think it would be a perfect complement to it.

  9. Love the progress piece and well done on it, its going to be gorgeous. I think the frame is an excellent choice for it.

  10. Pink Hill Manor is looking great and I think that frame will be perfect! Great find!!


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