Friday, April 29, 2011

I so enjoyed seeing the wedding photos tonight after work!

In spite of some burdens placed this week, I got really giddy this morning remembering as I shampooed my hair, that marriage vows were being exchanged over the pond!  It was so exciting I was catching pics on the phone during lunch and when I got home tonight, looked at the blushing bride and groom who to me looks like Diana. I just know in my heart her spirit, her sweet, sweet, spirit was there and William knew it too.
She would have been such a proud mum!

Thanks to all the emails and comments on the design in commemorative. I hope you enjoy it.
If the weather is good tomorrow, I think, I'm going to take my frame outside on the porch and use the natural sunlight and gentle cool breezes of Spring to encourage me to get a move with working on it.

The hold up on it was the colors. With so many colors and companys of colors to choose from, I finally chose the ones I liked the best but feel free to use what you have on hand too.

Yesterday, in other news, I saw the first BIG snake in our community at my Godmother's house, who is unfortunately moving away an hour but she is happy and as long as she is happy, I'm happy.

At first I thought the thing was a big limb across the entire drive. Nope, it started slithering and I started screaming and put the care in reverse in her drive so fast and blew the horn.....SNAKE. SNAKE, SNAKE!!!  Ok, I guess you can tell I don't like snakes....LOL

The heat is bringing them out and therefore I've already reached into my closet to find my leather high boots for the yard as they can't bit through that as well as.........Flip-flops.  Yep, my favorite summertime shoe is flipflops.

I'm going to bed praying for Kate and Will that they have a good marriage and stay the same as they are now, happy and full of friendship and love. I hope they live the ""happily ever after" that all us little girls dream about from years ago and few attain it, sadly.

Besides taking an adventure tomorrow, I will definitley put the rest of the used charts together for a drawing so stay-tuned. Followers only please and international welcome.

I'm going to call it........the Stashinator.  Yes, I will unclench from my hands some favorite patterns, but those I've stitched already so that someone else can enjoy!

It's time to put the hat off and get into bed. Tomorrow I will post with a list so you will know if you want to try for the Stashinator Givenator.

Till later,

P.s. I hope sunshine fills your weekend and all your dreams come true.


  1. What a beautiful post Jennifer! I am praying for Kate and Will too- I don't want to see them meet the same fate as Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage. I love your blog layout- it's beautiful!

  2. Weren't William and Catherine just beaming with love? I pray the same thing for them..that they would stay as much in love as they are now and that the Lord would guide them and protect them as they have such huge duties before them in life.

    I do not like snakes either and we have quite a few here in the Southwest. I would be backing out of that driveway and honking my horn, too! Bleah! Yucko.

    Have fun going through your stash and I look forward to seeing your fun giveaway!!

    God bless you - Julie

  3. I to enjoyed watching the wedding. Her dress was beautiful, simple but elegant. I loved her sisters dress as well. Your freebie is so nice. Have a great weekend Jennifer. Pat

  4. I also felt that Princess Diana's spirit was there. It was so sweet to see Princes William and Harry joking around when they first walked into the Abbey. Diana raised two great boys.
    A snake - yuck!


  5. wasn't the wedding wonderful and her dress was divine :)sat and watched it before getting busy with some tea and coffee dying :) love mouse xxx

  6. Thank you for the Royal Wedding design Jennifer, it's nice.
    Glad to see someone is having Spring! We've had rain almost all week in WI. :(
    Pat-pat for Abbie! :)

  7. I looked through the pics too. I really liked her dress, but I wasn't so fond of the veil. It just wasn't quite "right" for me, lol. But it does look like she had a fairytale day, and all that matters is that she's happy about it. Can't wait to see what you're giving up!

  8. Kate was so beautiful, that dress and veil were just perfect! They look so much in love and I too hope they can that way in the face of life's demands.

    Hoping you have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  9. I thought the dress was just so simple and elegant. The whole ceremony was just so much more low key than his parents. I loved that they each only had their siblings as their attendants, with of course, the adorable flower girls.

    I loved watching the two of them whisper to each other after she walked up the aisle, just like any other so called "normal" wedding couple.


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