Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday stitching

Miss Abigail today

She is a bit tired after a night of strong storms through our area.

She is about to go to sleep warming the chair for Body Guard while he is fixing my sewing machine which is now in the OR. Something is just not right with it and hopefully he will fix it because I finished the Stitching Friends sampler and I had it pinned to sew into a pillowkeep and it made a grinding sound loudly and bunched a lot of thread together.

Don't let those eyes fool ya. She just finished eating some Chicken Pasta Alfredo, including broccoli and is very content to watch the excitement of a  happy dance of a sampler finish to me holding my breath the sewing machine gets fixed.......please, please, please.......

and as we speak, the machine is fixed by hubbie. YEAH!!!!

Pics will follow later.

I'll be back soon.


  1. I just love seeing your little Abagail!! She is so adorable!

    I'm so glad your sewing machine got fixed - Yay!! Nice to have a handy hubby!

    Have a blessed day - Julie

  2. Poor Miss Abigail, I hope the storms have passed, Peanut the Dog says hang in there Missy Abigai lyou will get used to it I did after a couple of years.
    Tell your mommy that her stitchy chair looks oh so comfortable.

  3. Oh Little Miss Abigail you are just too precious! I have a yellow lab named Molly and she is so spoiled!!!!!She is sleeping on the couch with her yellow blankie because it is cold and rainy here today and she likes to be extra cuddly when that happens...grins...when we have storms she sleeps with us too, but I bet she takes up way more bed lol! Looking forward to seeing your mommies sampler finish...I am happy dancing today too, just finished a sampler also...yeah!!!!!

  4. Well done to the Body Guard for fixing your machine - what would we do without them!


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