Friday, March 25, 2011

Planning a trip from North Ga. to DC

Just posting some thoughts on lunch break here about stitching stores between North Ga and Washington, D. C. I so appreciate the recommended ones in your comments!!!!  I went to In Stitches on another trip and hope to drop by there for sure for some threads and they have a blog as well for the shop and have some really pretty unusual samplers. Check it out!

So no pictures here but just a spot for you all to post your favorite needlework sights between here and there so I can add to our trip portfolio !! Getting real excited about 2 weeks off. Part of this week will be in conferences for work but we plan to do some sight seeing on the way back through Williamsburg. Will be driving this time so frequent stopping points welcome! 

Later this evening I will show you what the stork brought me this week. HA!



  1. Jennifer, I have never actually been to these shops, but they are on 'my list' to visit one day:
    Everything Cross Stitch
    810 Caroline St., #3
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5846
    Stitcher's Stash, 10409-B Main Street Fairfax, VA --this one is in Virginia Beach --
    this one is in Williamsburg

    I'm sure Tanya can help you help with lots of information.
    Wishing you a fun & safe trip!

  2. In Virginia:

    1. Stitcher'S Stash Llc, 10409-B Main Street , Fairfax, VA, 22030 Phone: 703-218-3131

    2. Haus Tirol, 1915 Pocahontas Trail Suite E6, Williamsburg, VA, 23185 Phone: 757-220-0313

    3. Dyeing To Stitch Llc, 5350 Kemps River Drive Ste 111, Virginia Beach, VA, 23464
    Phone: 757-366-8740

    Hope this helps or at least gives you a starting point.


  3. Check out Haus Tirol in Williamsburg, VA. It is on Route 60, right near Bush Gardens.

  4. Don't know what route you take, but while you are in Williamsburg you should go to Haus Tirol which is located near Busch Gardens. Great selection. I notice that you enjoy fabric stores as well and if your route takes you up interstate 85 through NC, Mary Jo's is a place that you must stop. It is in Gastonia, NC near Charlotte. No stitching, but huge selection of quilt and everything else fabrics. Both of these have websites though the Haus Tirol site doesn't do them justice.


  5. Hi Jennifer ~ I am in the DC area. I see both In Stitches and the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition have been mentioned. I was a docent at the Exhibit last weekend and ~ oh my ~ what lovely works on display! I'm a member of the Loudoun Needlework Guild which is meeting in Leesburg on 4/9 where a handful of our members who received ribbons for their needlework entries at the Woodlawn Exhibit will bring for Show and Tell display. You're invited if interested. Another needlework shop in Fairfax City is Stitcher's Stash. Along with needlework goodies, they cater to those that enjoy wool felting and needlepunching. Safe travels! ~Carrie

  6. You will be passing me, in Virginia Beach! Gee, I wish we could meet... If you came by on a weekend day, we could arrange a stitching time with my friends, who I think follow your blog too! We get together and stitch and talk and eat, and stitch... well, you get the idea. And if it is a Saturday, we could go to my LNS, also the home of R&R Reproductions. Lots to see there! If it sounds good enough for a visit, let me know! Hugs.

  7. Jennifer,
    Be sure to visit In Stitches in Alexandria if you have time. It's a great shop. I've also heard that dyeing2stitch in VA Beach is a nice, friendly shop.


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