Friday, March 25, 2011

A big THANK YOU and the stork

I SOOOO thank you all who commented on the last post, I will print this out and navigate through the map to see where we will be going through. Thank you again so much!!!!!

Last week at the quilt shop in Dahlonega Georgia, I saw these black and cream stork scissors and got 2 pair. Yep, 2 pair. I will probably save one for a giveaway in a few weeks. I think they are cute.

yep, they found a home in one of my stitching boxes.

I have no idea what the brand is as I eagerly took it off and they are sharp little things too.

Tonight we had a great dinner at the Chinese restaurant and got these fortunes.

Body guards:

And mine is here:

Oh how I laughed thinking of all the goodie stash builders that I'm planning to "invest" in...LOL

Interesting indeed for this week coming up!  We both had a good laugh.

Progress on this one tonight. A Debbie Draper freebie design I had in my stash for awhile.
Using CC Belle Soie silk
and 32 ct luscious linen (of which I didn't have labeled) but is a creamy color.

The fabric in the corner will back this piece.

And Pepsi, Abbie's cousin that passed away, his piece is almost done and will be made into a pillowkeep.

Much to get done this weekend, for sure.

Till later,



  1. I love those little scissors and I hope you have a wonderful journey. I wonder where you are going.

  2. What beautiful scissors!! I love scissors, too, and now have mine displayed in my white candy dish like you do. :) I just love it! I keep extra needle packs in the dish part as well as the extra part for my needlework stand to use with a certain hoop. Such a cute idea and hope you don't mind me stealing your adorable idea!!

    Have a wonderful trip and buy LOTS of stash!!

    God bless you - Julie

  3. Oh those scissors are very nice. I have never seen those before. Lovely stitching too. x

  4. lovely scissors :) and nice freebie .. she isn't doing that one atm :( great progress on the sir pepsi and glad you have got the essentials for your vacation of stash shops heheheh love mouse xxxx

  5. your projects are stitching up beautifully. Those stork scissors are lovely.

  6. Whew!!! I panicked there for a minute when you said you had a visit from the stork. Good golly girl!
    Those scissors are lovely.

    Hope you have a great time on your trip.

  7. @ Kat We are going to Washington DC where I have a conference to attend and then onward the following couple of days to Williamsburg Va.

    @ Julie, isn't that a great way to display scissors of which I have a weakness....LOL And mine on the inside part I put the leather sheaths and needles.

    @ Hazel and Josie Thank you! I thought they were unique and they were by the register and melted my heart so they had to be added to my collection!

    @ Peg hey girl. Nope, not pregnant, don't want to be either...LOL did it scare ya? hehehehehee


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