Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a day!

My day was lifted seeing this sent to me. Isn't it pretty? 

This is Tracey's finish of one of my freebies for Valentines!!!!

Check out her beautiful blog!
Thanks Tracy you did a gorgeous finishing and the colors are very contrasting, I like that.

Next, sent to me are a basket full of 3 of my freebies along with one from Heartstring samplerey and the others that in their too. So sorry. But this brightened my day!!!! feathers in the nest desgins on the far right larger pillowkeep and the two in the middle
Thank you Catherine. Just click on her name and it will lead you to her blog. The basket makes a great display!!!!!

She also has a great stitching blog!  Just click on the names above to visit their sites!

Migraine is still there. Have taken lots of medicines and feel worn out. Plan to sleep as much as I can tonight because I got very little last night and then off to work. I'm in the nausea phase and it's miserable. I'm sure this will pass. Hopeing the good weather that is predicted for the weekend will make it a good one.

I through a few stitches in tonight but not enough for a pic. I'm hoping to finish this by tomorrow.
I have Irish stitching to do!!!!

Thanks you for all you comments, compliments, and positive thoughts. They are so kindly accepted and energizing. I have had a few people who can't post a comment but if you go go the bottom of the posting and see comments, I think there are over 200 now and click here then it will lead you to the comment box. Hope this helps.

Well, time for a little snack before going back to bed.

Fiddle DD


  1. I have experienced migranes since I was a young girl, so I know the agony. I hope you are feeling better soon....

  2. Hi Jennifer, I hope you are over the worst of your migraine. My brother gets them very badly, and I know how debilitating they can be. Take care of yourself, and when you get down, remember that you have friends all over the world who care about you. Blessings

  3. Oh, what a surprise to look at your blog this morning and see my little finish on there! Thank-you Jennifer, for sharing your sweet designs with everyone... I'm looking forward to seeing the one you are working on for St. Paddy's Day!

  4. What lovely gifts, and no one deserves them more. Hope you feel better very soon.

  5. I know what you are feeling Jennifer.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    You need to get some St. Pat's stitching done!
    The basket of Valentines is pretty.
    Pat-pat for Abbie. :)


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