Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny-side up!

This is our outside duty cat, Thomas.

 He keeps all the rodents at bay around the homestead and every now and again brings us the remains at the doorstep for us to be thankful for!  YIKES!

I think I have screamed enough when I suddenly see them there that he connects leaving such at the door, with excited screams. In the summer on two occasions he has played with and batted down to the house  baby snakes and that was supposed to be a reward for us. NOT!

We love him. He is a rescue animal and is about 6 years old now. Our son found him near a McDonald's trash bin where he was put with an empty can of cat food near it. Every since he was brought here, he has made himself home and loves every minute of mountain country life. I am most sure an angel was involved in his bringing here lots of love.
His main thoughts for the day are

He occasionally gets a sneak inside for milk and treats but with both of us having cat allergies, Thomas stays mostly on the porches, wherever sunlight is for the day and he is known to move every couple of hours around the porches in different chairs or on the swing when the sun moves!! ; 0

We really dote on Miss Abigail, our 17 month old , long-haired CHI so much that we leave poor Thomas out. We love him just the same and he has been a blessing to us.

When ole man Winter arrives and the weather gets below freezing, we take our Zyrtec and he knows that he has a special sofa on the basement level that he lounges.
He gets along well with our 2 Labs and I think it's because they are about the same age and know nothing but each other.

This weekend the weather is beautiful  here in the North Georgia mountains, sunny and very mild!
We woke about 9ish and had some cinnamon toast and tea and conversation,
and now I'm starting on my list of chores to do. This morning woke up headache free and I'm so thankful for that.

Yesterday, I went by Target and found exactly what I needed for some additional yoga!!!

I also found the prettiest little birdbath that I will post later when I find where it's home will be outside!

Hope your day is beautiful and if not in weather too, in blessings surrounded by peace and those you love.

Like Thomas and......


You just never know......

who you might run into these days!

Sunny-side up!

We have alot to be thankful for!


  1. Sweet sweet post. I think it is lovely that you look after that little cat even though he is an outdoors cat. I read your post then turned to my dh and said "North Georgia Mountains Darling - how does that sound?". You have conjured up a lovely image for me and I wish I was there. xx

  2. Your Thomas is adorable! Thank you for sharing such a sweet furbaby with us today!!

  3. Miss Abigail and I have a similar train of thought, except I insert a "sleep" in there every now and then!

    Such a sweet kitty...and you are so good to him!

  4. Thomas is beautiful! He seems so sweet. :)

  5. Glad to hear your headache is gone. Thomas has a really nice face. Have a wonderful weekend.....

  6. Spring is in the air here in southern Ontario,Makes you want to accomplish so much. Love the kitty pic. thanks for sharing.


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