Sunday, February 13, 2011

Color inspiration and creating

I often find it inspirational to get about halfway through my piece and then ramble through, thinking what fabbies I could compliment the design with best.

I pulled out these two and stitched a bit, filling in the off white color. I liked them alot.

But then, I went back down to my fabric stash and remembered this one I got from Boston last year.

And I REALLY liked this one. This piece was pretty special to me. The feel of it a bit thicker and it blends with the Americana so well too.

This one pulls out the colors well and I think it's the winner.

I'm still not sure how I will finish this....framing or pillow, or hanging but I just put the fabric beside my stitching piece while I stitch and it helps me decide. Anybody else like to do that? ;)

The temp today was 60 and sunny. Sooo nice here. A teaser of Spring for sure.

Abbie got her bath and we did a bit of work on some shelves I found a couple of months back at a thrift store for 7.50 each. I had fun with them on the back porch scuffing them up a bit to look a bit prim as they were then placed over 2 windows upstairs in our remodeled bedroom.
When I get it complete I will show some pics.
The shelves were a nicely stained maple color. I thought that matte black paint and then a little scuffing with a hand sander would make them just right for over the windows. Perfect shelving for stitching finishes.

Bodyguard painted these last week with a matte black (please excuse the dusty back porch)
so this is before.

And then afterward

And Abbie stopped chewing and looked in shock at how I knocked off the paint job.


 Next is putting a dowel rod through for panels.I was going to use tension rods to hold but this didn't work so well. 
 Hopefully, will get this part done this week. Then I've got to decide on tiebacks for the panels as mainly they will be "tied back!" Simple and plain though, this I know for sure.

As a lover of the Lover's Knot pattern, these large throws are at the bottom of the beds.

The sillouhettes of George and Martha

It's getting there, slowly but surely a bit at the time.

I heart home.


  1. I heart your home, also. It's beautiful!

  2. LOVE that fabric you picked up in Boston! It will go perfectly with this current WIP. Can't wait to see how you finish it.

    You really saw something in those shelves didn't you? I have a creative block when it comes to that stuff. Or...I just can't find the energy.
    Oh poo, I'm talking like I'm 80 years old now.

    I need to go stitch......

  3. Oh, I loooove the fabric that you chose, and your stitches are as gorgeous as ever! You inspire me, sister!
    I am jealous of whoever gets to stay in that amazing room of yours...have you ever thought of opening a b and b? I can see you doing that and being a huge success, one day.
    BG did a wonderful job on the patio furniture...I love the color and finish...and Abby looks gorgeous as well!
    Happy Valentine's Day, Peaches.
    Ma TK

  4. Very pretty material love the paint finish.

  5. Love the winning fabric!!

    All of your decorating looks great. Very inviting and comfy!

  6. Interesting post.
    I love the fabric in the 2nd actually looks like a counted cross stitch fabric or a linen that you use for rug's absolutely fantastic.

  7. Love the Patchwork Heritage fabric. It goes really well!

    Your decor looks great. Love the "Kiss Me" sign. :)


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