Sunday, August 29, 2010

No stitching store coming to Helen but we have one of these now.....

Yep, Bodyguard and I went on our usual Sunday afternoon drive through the country and ice cream visit in town. We nearly hit a huge black wild boar pig, the biggest I've ever or he has ever seen and they move fast. I was so glad not to hit this with the car. At first I thought it was a black bear but then saw the front. YIKES!

Then we passed by the new opening of Goats on the Roof. Yes, if you are traveling up near Helen, GA this year, you must ride out in the country to see this. The video above is of the Tiger, Ga. one which is really not too far from here either. Yes, there are goats grazing and lounging on the roof. The store was not open but if I go back, I'll definitely get some pics. Is this country life or what????? LOL

Yep, no LNS but we gave a Goats on the Roof now.



  1. The store sounds hilarious, but I was waiting for the goats and disappointed they didn't show them.

  2. Interesting - I wonder if the the original store owners of Goats On Roof in Coombs BC know if their idea has been stolen........


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