Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finished The Dog Days of Summer

Today is the first day of September. Finally had a minute to finish The Dog Days of Summer. August is typically the hottest month of the year and this sampler is with a touch of late summery colors to represent those last really, hot days of Summer.

I made into a pillow keep and hung with wooden dog bone buttons from Boston stash.
The backing fabric also from my stash of many fat quarters blended perfectly.

The linen is 28 count and honestly I do not know what kind of linen it is. I had it unlabeled in my stash but thought the nubby, occasional brown, here and there, in the linen worked out well with the colors.
Fibers used are Crescent Colors. I just used solid brown ball fringe to hang.

Our weather is much cooler and drier now and I can feel a touch of Fall in the air at night.
Looking forward to September and the weather man projects clear sunny skies and 60's at night, 80's during the day for the next week!!!

Two more days and vacation begins for us. The first week with a long list of things to do before our trip to Chicago and enjoying some peace and quiet.
Working on several designs and hope to start stitching another up pretty soon. Two for October which include a Halloween finish and a Breast Cancer Awareness sampler named Always Hope. This one in particular has alot of meaning to me as I work in Women's Health.

Hope your week is going well too. ;)


  1. This design turned out super cute too! Pretty colours.

  2. Love your Dog Days of Summer! I've thought of trying to stitch my Woody, but he's a 55-pound golden doodle and I'm afraid he'd end up looking like a big black blob! So I'll enjoy seeing your portraits of Abbie. Thank you for sharing!

  3. A wonderful pillow, the pup looks just like Abbie.

  4. That turned out adorble,,I just notice you live in North Geogia mountains,,we are going up there to Helen in October,,cant wait,,we live in florida have been here 1 year and before that AZ for 14 years so I have really missed the fall season and colors,,well I hope you have a wonderful weekend,,take care..

  5. Dog Days is awful cute Jennifer! Congrats! Cannot wait to see your BCA one... Have a great week before going to the windy city...

  6. Great finish; love the colors you stitched AND the styling for the photograph.

    Have an awesome vacation.

  7. Jennifer: this is so cute is the pattern for sale?
    Abbie is adorable on fabric.

  8. I love love love it Jennifer. I'm definitely a dog person. It is just super cute and beautifully finished.
    Patti xxx

  9. Wonderful design! Love all the cute details in your finish.
    Abbie must be so proud.

    Hoping to see some of that cooler weather here soon.

  10. The pillow is adorable and I love how you hung on the basket!

  11. You are doing so well with your designs! Can't wait to see what else you are working on.

  12. Your Dog Days of Summer is a real cutie and looks really good tied to the basket.
    Are you all packed and ready to go?
    Take lots of pictures to show us!
    Have a fun trip...


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