Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simple Saturdays

Hoping you had a great Thanksgiving!

 I had a few minutes in between to work on Forever Hope I designed a couple of months ago. This is a band sampler and I already have a rustic black frame for it that arrived in the mail. The original grid I had used to plot out the design is useful but I have (in music terms) started doing this ad lib!  I will be adding another band at the bottom after my original design to complete it.

So far I'm lovin' it!

I unrolled it from my frame to show you the progress. This lap frame has been a lifesaver for larger designs. I like Qsnaps as well but this one travels better. It folds flat and goes right along with me in a canvas holder.

Here are 2 beautiful fabrics I found this past week, not necessarily to use together but you can see in the picture. My favorite is the one on the left.


And soooooo thankful my Kindle cover came in the mail yesterday so it will now be protected. I've been reading a book on it and 65% finished with it. I LOVE THE KINDLE!!!!!  Thanks to my hubbie for this birthday gift.
 I didn't even learn how to use it really until a couple of weeks ago. I think I was a bit afraid of the technology. ;p


I have loaded several books on it and right now reading an autobiography called Beyond the Tears. I was surprised how fast the reading goes on the Kindle and delighted to have something this small to take with me anywhere instead of a pile of books, although there is something special about a new book!


The thickness is similar to a small paperback book. This cover in particular I ordered from a different site than Amazon because I read many reviews about the Kindle cover hinge  system causing the device to not work properly and having to be sent back to the company. This one is leather and doesn't depend on a hinge system but has leather straps on the inside. I'm pleased with it and actually it's not much more in price that most of the Amazon Kindle covers.

If you like this, click HERE

I also caved to buy this movie at Walmart and still have not watched it, but will soon.

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary and for the 9th year traditional gift was pottery or willow.
I picked the pottery one. Will have to show you that pic later...
This led me to a small box which will hold a small motif.

I can remove the top insert and put something stitchey in it.

Haven't decided but most likely a Dutch motif or maybe something else.......

Around the house today, got out my Christmas Tree melts for the tin warmer and now it smells like we have a Christmas tree...(but we don't)....LOL

This was one of the best primitive store buys I've ever gotten. It's a tart warmer. I have 3 of them now. One for upstairs, and two downstairs. Much better than candles.

Hubbie surprised me when I came home from work late Wed night with roses and he went into the buffet and thought of the idea to put one of our napkins we had at our reception in the middle!  That was clever!

Back to work, watching movies, reading and enjoying the rest of the long weekend.

Last weekend we went both to get our eyes examined as we have about 12 pair of dollar store readers in a basket in between our chairs. I knew I was losing more vision in my left eye but didn't know exactly why except that I'm getting old....  ;)

I had a very good exam, something I haven't had in a long time. I opted to add/ pay extra for a digital exam and unfortunately (or fortunately they found) out that I have Traumatic Glaucoma in the left eye. Due to my family history, I was already more prone but evidently, the examiner could tell I had been injured in my left eye a long time ago as the optic nerve is damaged.
 Generally, I got glasses for the 20/40 vision, special sunglasses too as I drive and at night the bother of the light was the glaucoma. So far, it's affected only my left eye. She showed us both the images of the back of my eyes and how the left one had optic nerve damage. She asked me if I had ever been hit in the eyes and I was ashamed to say I had but it was 20 years ago. I thought surely this wouldn't be causing this now. She said yes, traumatic glaucoma is usually not detected from the eye damage until many years later. I was ashamed and embarrassed.
I have to go have GDX testing and some more very intensive exams in the next 2 weeks to see the extent of the damage, in order to know where they will proceed. The cornea also has scarring. I should have gone sooner to check my eyes but didn't. At least now my vision that is affected is on a small black area in the left side and not the whole eye. She said it is amazing how our other eyes will compensate for the loss for years.
Most likely will be on eye drops for the rest of my life. Maybe surgery. Will see in the next couple of weeks.
So, make sure you get an eye exam, especially even if it's been years ago that you had eye injuries. (here's hoping you haven't had eye injuries)

Just got my glasses in today, progressive lens and then will see what they will do for my left eye in the next couple of weeks as this has now changed into medical insurance with preapprovals and the such.
I'm thankful this Thanksgiving to have found out sooner rather than later that I was losing permanent vision in my left eye and that there are things available to stop the progression.

I'm thankful for many things that I see.

 Amazing Grace.


  1. I'm very thankful, too, dear
    Jennifer that they found out
    now about your vision problem.
    Praying for you...

  2. How wonderful is that hubby of yours.

    I bought my hubby a Kindle for his birthday which is today. He is also enjoying reading again which he has so missed due to diminishing eye sight.

    Love the stitching.

  3. Love the design. The fabrics are pretty. The picture of the house with the snow is so nice.

  4. So thankful you decided that the readers between the chairs called for the exam and you did find out sooner than later. Thanks for warning others. LOVE the photo of your home (or, at least I assume it is!)

  5. Darling sampler - I do love it! I'm glad you found about your vision problem now, but you have no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed...regardless of what caused the injury. Praying for you and hoping all stays well with your eyes. :)

  6. the WIP design is lovely...looking forward to seeing it finished. They can do so much for vision these days....positive thinking...Happy Anniversay....

  7. Really lovely stitching, sorry about your eyes but it is good that you found out now, instead of later. Reminds me I need to go for an eye exam myself.

    Mary Louise

  8. Jennifer - it wasn't your fault - and you have nothing to be ashamed of! Gald to hear you went to the dr!

    I like the fabric on the left too. I wish I had known about the kindle hinge issue. I have a new cover for Christmas. Your sampler is coming right along!

    The house pic on your header feels so peaceful.

    Smiles - Denise

  9. yes, that is our home last year during a snow. I love snow! It makes the whole world peaceful, clean and just pretty in the woods.


  10. I'm so glad that you had your eyes examined! And that there are options out there now a days. Hope your glasses help. If this is your first pair of progressives, it takes a little getting use to.

    Love your sampler. How is that cutie patootie Ms Abbie? And is that a pic of your place covered in snow already? Wow!
    Take care....

  11. Happy belated Anniversry Jennifer!
    Love your header pic.
    The sampler is coming along nicely.
    Hope they can take care of your vision problem soon.

  12. So glad they found out about your vision now while something can be done. The roses are beautiful and I love the sampler!

  13. "Forever Hope" is really precious. I can tell, there is so much "behind the piece". I simply love it and for what it represents.

    Happy Belated Birthday - and Happy Belated Anniversary!

    Loving your Kindle and cover......someday I will have one as I am forever lugging around a pile of books. I even have a bookbag I take when we travel. Kindle would certainly simplify my life!

    Love your spirit and positiveness!!!!!

  14. Jennifer,

    So glad you had your eyes checked! Now you know and you can face it head on! Please don't be ashamed and embarrassed. You are an inspiration to so many!

    Your sampler is coming along beautifully - can't wait to see it in completion.

    What beautiful flowers BG bought for you!!


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