Sunday, August 8, 2010

Abbie Tales

How did this little half-pounder turn into a 3 lb lion?  Honestly, I was going through some Abigail pictures and could see her growing. For newbies, Abbie is our little lump of sugar, our sweetness in the household.
Her little legs have never touched the ground outside. She thinks she is definitely one of the pack here and will announce her prescence quite readily if asked to!

Here she is at 3 months old.

and growing and growing

She grew as expected into a beautiful long-haired chi, but she is mostly all hair and then the hair is growing like weeds this Summer. I'm sure she didn't get a Miraclegro stick out of my planted pot on the porch but yesterday, I had to take a snapshot of her mane.

We learned later that the long hair growing downwards on her hiney is called pants in dog language and Abbie has some pants!

She spent some time with us on the back porch after her daily hair-brushing. The humidity didn't help her hair one bit! LOL

Her hair is angel soft and pure white with a few brindle markings of lightish tan.
She is now 11 months old......and a bit spoiled, just a little bit.

Next month we are going to visit BG's family, who we love dearly in South Holland, Illinois and Miss Abbie has a plane ticket too. Her ticket to go along in a tiny little box to put under my seat on the plane.
I'm not sure how she is going to handle this because the airlines says that we can't take her out of the box from the security check until we reach the destination. Ha!

Will she yodel through the TSA checks?
Will she yodel on the plane?
Stay-tuned for more on that. Should make for an interesting day.

Things Abbie will have in her luggage are Sweet Potato treats (her faves), her favorite pink blankie, and 2 sundresses to sport in the big city of Chicago. She's never been walking on a leash, ever so this will be an interesting trip.

Abbie wishes you a good Sunday today!

She is ,right now, in her usual place---the sofa. Yes, she took over the sofa now and watches TV until she falls asleep, unless I'm sitting in my stitching chair. Then, she likes to sit under me. She has been known to search for her favorite toys and drop them one by one under my feet while I'm stitching. That's her way of saying, Play with me instead, please.  If that doesn't work for her, she will pick them up one by one and drop them at Body Guard's feet and then stare at him for play and he caves every time.

She is definitely a bright spot in this homestead!
She is inspiration for a couple of designs I'm making of late.

Stay cool!


  1. That should be an interesting plane ride - Isn't it curious how the pets take over the household -

    She is really too cute
    Have a great day :)

  2. Abbie is such a sweetie. I hope she enjoys her travels.

  3. Jennifer,I have been following your blog since before Abbie and love to read about her and I would love to know how Abbie does on the plane, I wasn't aware you could take them on the plane with you. I have a 9 month of Chi that is very spoiled, and very hard to leave since I don't work and am home with her everyday. My son is stationed in Alaska and wants us to visit and wasn't sure what to do with Sophie.Would love to hear from you. Thanks so much.

  4. Abbie is so cute. She has beautiful big eyes. They just melt your heart, don't they?

  5. She's a beauty!! Love the shot with the black background. It's fun seeing different shots of Miss Abbie where we can see all of that hair!

    Your trip will be an adventure for sure. Not that my boys are old, but I remember when we took them on a plane as toddlers - and they didn't even fuss - but the looks some people gave as we got on the plane were funny! I wonder what looks you might get - especially if Miss Abbie is talking.

  6. Abbie is sooooo precious! I can tell she is quite pampered.

  7. Might I suggest getting her a mild sedative from the vet just in case? The plane trip could be pretty stressful the first time.

    She sure is a cutie pie!!!

  8. I love the pictures of Abbie. She is beautiful. Enjoy your vacation in South Holland. It's about twenty minutes from where I live!

  9. So good to know she'll be up front with you...American Airlines has had a couple of incidents lately involving pets, one where 7 puppies died from the heat, another where they lost a pet...I'd be so devastasted if anything like that happened with one or both of our boys....they'd definitely have to ride with me up front or just not go.
    And i'm with Jules...a sedative is a good idea...especially since you're not sure how she will handle it the first time. It could only help her....
    Good luck!

  10. I usually don't like tiny little dogs but Abbie is adorable! I love her hair, it is beautiful! She has some real nice pants going on there. I hope your trip goes well and Abbie handles all the new experiences well!

  11. Are you going to medicate her? Anyway, have a good time! Let us know how the trip went...

  12. How I wish for an Abbie...we have tried over a year...there are white long hair Chi-s born here but all males or already promised. It is uplifting to see your mutual affection for little Abbie.
    You will hear lots of tales and suggestions, but my sis in law DID get her little Yorkie a sedative shot for his second plane trip.
    Y'all deserve a wonderful trip...hoping all goes well for you.

  13. We still have 3 weeks to go but I'm leaning towards giving her a little sedative. I'm going to call her vet before we go and see.
    I'm sure going from a house in the country to a wild airport would be a shock to her.
    Thanks for all the comments. We do love her so much!

  14. I think she'll be fine as long as she is with you. I have two big Golden Retrievers that I have to fly all the way to Spain and, unfortunately, they have to go in the belly of the plane. This is extremely stressful for me !! I worry about my babies and I wish I could take them in the cabin with me. :-(

  15. What an adorable little girl! My Celeste was really tiny when I got her too. Now she's 6lbs.


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