Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Butterflies and Time--Flying

Time moves quickly when having fun. Whoever said that the first time was a genius!
Last night I worked a bit more on the Abigail Summer sampler and have found that the pattern I created needed some add-ons and whatever else my mind was thinking but this is the progress so far. I am off today and hope to get much more done/ maybe almost finished. {{XX fingers}} I have changed some of the colors as I go and I can't wait to get an order of 50 colors of new overdyed threads soon in the mail!!!!!  O happy day! This piece has alot of Secondhand Rose (CC) in it. I am putting some dark brownish tones in it as I love pink and brown. Note:  those diddies in the middle are not number 2's.......LOL , they will make more sense as dog treats when I finish the last line.........I digress. This is one of my first samplers......forgive me.

This morning I looked at a video on a health topic for work, lasted an hour but intriguing new scientific research on obesity and the factors that are multifactoral. The reason why I watched the news on this data is because obesity affects female hormones so much, a thing that we try to balance at work and it's quite challenging when we throw this factor into the loop. It's harder but it can be done......ok, I'm not at work now, I will not bore you with any more.........LOL
Ok, ok,  one last thought.  Most problems are hormonally -based. That 's just my opinion and please don't substitute that for your providers advice.

That curbed my appetite a bit for lunch, even though, luckily, I've never been obese and the closest I got to a fast weight gain was pregnancy....not too good for the lower back, that's for sure but wouldn't trade it for the world as I had 3 beautiful babies.

As I was playing with Miss Abigail, I couldn't help but see the numerous butterflies out the window again. This year we've noticed many, many large colorful butterflies around our butterfly bushes.
I took this picture through the window. I should get outside and take some close ups and I just may do that after I lazily quit reading this morning afternoon now.

I've had to answer the phone about a zillion times only to hear recorded political announcements. Me and Bodyguard are trying to figure out how we got on the big list of these things. Anyone know how to stop them besides changing phone numbers? 

a cropped view here

and cropped again. Isn't it beautiful?

I have so much I want to do and need to do that I get in a tither wondering which to do first. Thank goodness for the Y chromosome that helps me multi-task.  : 0

Hope a yellow butterfly passes your way today, fluttering around, reminding you of peace and promise.

Watching butterlies and time fly,


  1. Jennifer: this is a positively adorable pattern so far the colors are vibrant, I look forward to seeing this finished.

  2. Thank you so much Catherine! I do love the overdyed threads.

  3. Love your butterfly pics. We usually have orange butterflies around here but occasionally we do see yellow. They are so spectacular aren't they!

  4. The butterfly is beautiful! I can't believe you got that pic through the window. Miss Abigail's sampler is looking good. I'm enjoying seeing your progress in the design process.

  5. I love little Abbie's sampler! I must admit, I really love stitching with overdyes! Make's it hard to go back to a solid color.

    My interest is quite perked about the obesity and hormone connection. Any ideas where I could read up on it?


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