Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Flashback

This is 1980 or 81.

This is me and my brother cutting up after I played a song on the piano. He was always making me laugh......well, maybe not always, but alot of the time. Look at that seventies hairstyle! Boy, were we young here. We had no idea what would be in store for either of our lives but just living for the moment then. Isn't that how it is at about 18-25ish?

I got scholarships for college with this piano. By 1980, I was almost always found at the piano, either practicing for church adult choir, children's choir practice, funerals, weddings, Sunday services, cantatas, even state competition....... you name it. I had some really good mentors in music including my 6th grade teacher who had a piano in her classroom and required her class to sing to her songs at least 30 minutes every morning. We learned alot of old songs. She liked songs like Moon River. I don't know why this one particularly stands out in my mind. She went with me to state competition at Mercer University in Macon while only in the 6th grade because she believed in me.
Most of all I found that music was the very best outlet for the soul. I remember the best times were on Sunday afternoons when I would go to our church while it was completely empty and play and play for hours alone. Then I started running over to the other side of the church playing the organ. I really liked the organ too. After I got my few hours of music therapy, then I would go back home. This was all back in the day when churches didn't lock their doors........

Back in 1994, I traded this piano in for a Baby Grand Baldwin. By the time I had the money to get the old one tuned, it was so out of tune for so long, the repairman said the entire piano would have to be restrung. Tuning would just break the strings. So, I saved until I got another piano. And, that leads to another story.............

Enjoy your Friday evening!


  1. I love the Friday Flashback theme! I may have to do this sometime! Your picture is great and so is the story!

  2. Thanks Sherry! I thought of this yesterday and plan to do a little one every Friday.
    I"ve got a stitching on in mind for next Friday.


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