Friday, June 12, 2009

Hanging by a Thread

Ok, now, I couldn't get the picture a good size to see but if you squint and look closely, the guy in the tan is the Body Guard~~~ hanging by a rope off of Mount Yonah. Today, he was helping coordinate mapping at one of the local mountains for an emergency plan. He is literally hanging by a thread......or rope.....something you will not see me do in this lifetime!
Now, this is the same guy that doesn't like ferris wheels at the fair! ;)
Seriously, standing off a mountain would be scarey for me. He didn't have any problem.
They are mapping out emergency plans for the forest rangers. Believe it or not, we have folks around here who get lost on the mountain or actually fall off the mountain and having a plan to reach them is necessary. I wish I could get the picture to download larger but this is the best I could do.
Meanwhile, I'm workin tonight on the Be True by LHN and watching the news.........a sure way for insomnia.............anyway, oooowie, still makes me shudder thinking about hanging off a mountain.......I guess opposites attract, right?
Lesson learned----don't walk close to the edge of a mountain~~~~~

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