Monday, March 9, 2009

The Tree Swing

After work today, we went to the park to walk. They have a really good trail that is clear and has minimal hills, which in these parts is hard to find. After a lap or two, I drifted off to the swing as usual and got some more exercise and fun. I love swings. I haven't been to the park to swing in about 5 months or so. Now the weather is better and we can go again after supper. Since I have let you in on a secret about you know I like to swing still.....and I am, let's say 40 something...LOL
The city took down the amusement park in Helen about 3 months ago and I was devastated to ride by and not see the Tilt O Whirl. This was my favorite ride and sometimes if I got too stressed out, we would go ride the Tilt O Whirl and then come back home. I know that sounds strange but I guess I like motion. So, my hubbie is going to make us a tree swing and we are trying to pick out the perfect tree for it. We have so many to choose from its mind--boggling. I looked on the internet and saw different ways to decorate your swing and I like this one the best.
Of course, I'm not picky about it, just a board and a rope will be fine with me. Strong rope! Lab-proof rope.
After our little adventure in the park, we went on a ride around, checked to see if one of our friends from south Ga. was at their mountain cabin but no signs were stirring there. An interesting lady I have known for about 10 years now, maybe 12. The short history behind her mountain house here as she told it, was that when her son died in a car crash at age 19 years old, they decided to buy a spot up in the mountains as a retreat and like a memorial to him. I worked with her for several years and even though she had a lovely mountain house to go to, she worked 2 full-time jobs just to keep her mind constantly going from the stress of the loss of her son. I haven't been able to connect with her in 2 years now. We've left notes and letters but just haven't connected back up. Hubbie and I actually stayed in her house a week back a year before we moved here and really enjoyed it. We would walk up to the top of the road and there is a house that had a fabulous view.......wide open and mountain view. The house was not elaborate and actually needed several repairs. We almost bought that house, came very close because of the location and views and the way it was built, but we didn't. We still ride up there from time to time and in the interim, over the past 8 years, the house has changed a couple of owners but mostly has stayed empty.
Stay safe in your end of the world.................

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