Friday, March 13, 2009

Peaking through some stash

The Bodyguard says not to call my materials "stash". He was shocked when he heard that phrase as he is used to dealing with druggies when that word is used at work. I said, "Oh honey, its stitching stuff, don't worry......" LOL I think it's funny. The first time he heard me say it was when I told him that I needed some more "stash boxes". I like to use the stackable primitive boxes with pretty designs for my stitching stash. Of course he arrests folks with stashes of other nature........
The cushions on my back porch are worn out. So, instead of buying new ones, I got this fabric from Walmart to cover them this week. The cranberry one to cover the cushion on the chaise chair and rocker and then the blue fabric for pillows. I love the blue fabric. If you look close you will see bumblebees and beetles, so spring/summery. I plan to make the cushion covers as slipcovers so that I can clean them easily and will just put ribbon on the top for ties.

Here is an old project I never finished and need to. The fabric is a bold mustard color and very unsual linen with a monochromatic sampler with blue floss, delft blue.

Oh and here is a pattern from Lavender and Lace, called World Peace Angel. This is huge! What was I thinking? Well, I thought I would add it to my patriotic ones this year. I have not got the linen yet but it will be Confederate Gray color. This alone will probably take a year.

This is the most tempting to finish here. A start on Frieda Freedom by Prairie Moon. The threads are a mix of Weeks Dye and Crescent Colors and DMC. Yes, the hoop marks are not too attractive but will iron out......hopefully.

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