Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sights on Saturday at the Homestead

When you lead a dog's can be boring.......

where are the deer? Well, our little watchdogs scare them away now but they used to cross here.
And I mean watchdogs, not guard dogs, but watchdogs. I don't think they would scare away a frog but they like to keep watch on the old homestead. Ruby always has good posture and picture seeking qualities........Raven.....a different story!

Raven is the needy one, sad, melancholy, fun-looking, fly by the night. She can go from grinning to droopy in 3 seconds. If they ever diagnosed dogs with bipolar........she would be one, and not that that is a bad thing, just very flippant and too funny. Ruby is quite sober and quiet, withdrawn if visitors come by.

But Spring is here and I just put out my new garden flag in the front of the house. I loved the patriotic theme, the tulips, the iris' much our place.
The daffodils out in the back are pretty.

Well, lookie here......

We tried to get good pictures of the two, hugging away at the Bodyguard but just couldn't. They love to stand up and give us a good hug.

And Thomas is roaming the flower beds wondering when the Iris's are going to pop.
He walks as if he is Tony the Tiger but he really is a sweet, sweet cat.
We had a good Saturday. The weather was 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We did our shopping at Lowes and I found an awesome, awesome frame that was only 6 bucks at Real Deals in Clarksville. It measures perfect for my Dutch Alphabet and I can't wait to show you! I never thought I would find a frame already made at 4 x 23 inches but I saw one that I can just pop out the sign in the middle and make it is frame ready!
We also went to the Dairy Queen and had a blizzard. Perfect weather for a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
The time has changed and I will be having a hard time adjusting to it. Seems that when it goes back one hour, I adjust better than moving it forward 1 hour. Its another sunny day and Brandon and Ashley will be coming over tonight for supper. I got a nice pork roast to cook this evening. Meghan, we wish you could join us! Brandon and Ashley went to see Merle Haggard this weekend so I picked some songs to add to the music section today.

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