Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Friday the 13th

Well, today is Friday the 13th.....again this year. I heard we are going to have another one in a couple months again. What in the world is all that about? I'm not too particularly suspicious but maybe a little, now that I think about it. We were quite busy at work today, which is actually a good thing in the midst of these economical times but I'm tired so supper is brief and simple tonight. Bodyguard never complains about food. Whatever I cook is fine with him. Of course, he was used to daily TV dinners... Swanson, if I remember correctly......every day until we got married. You remember the Saulsberry Steak ones with the little chocolate cake in the middle and 2 bites of corn? So, I never have any worries where cooking is concerned. He is always very thankful and complimentary of anything I cook. Sometimes he gets in the kitchen too and makes up something for us to eat. His favorite meal is a meat, potatoes and corn. Even if we eat out (and that is very rare now) and its "all you can eat buffet", it's still....meat....potatoes...............and corn.

Here's whats grilling at our house this evening..........very simple. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches........This is what Ren ordered tonight. His own little order, half a grilled sandwich and some tomato soup.....chihauahau style. Our church is having a fast today from 12 noon until tomorrow night at 6pm and all the money that one would have spent on food during that time will be donated. We didn't participate but came close I guess with this supper! LOL

Made a half sandwich just for Ren.

Speaking of Ren, I think he has about 5 hairs left on his back now. He simply has lost almost all of his hair.......kinda like the Velveteen Rabbit whose hair is rubbed off. Anyway, I took Ren out after work and with the weather turning cold again, he had chill bumps and his few hairs stood straight up until he took care of his business outside. It was almost scarey.

I would get another puppy in a minute if I knew they came already housebroken. I"m getting a little, itty bitty puppy fever again.......for a girl chichi, white with long hair and big brown eyes! Ok, Ok, I know I need to chill on this topic............maybe a trip to the animal shelter will cure this puppy fever. Our local animal shelter is the best I have ever seen (and I have seen a few shelters). It is cleaner than some day care facilities. We are always impressed when we walk through and go look at the puppies, how clean and neat it is. The problem is that all the puppies look the same and you just don't know whatcha gettin' until it grows about 6 months. I mean, pit bull puppies look like sweet innocent hound dog puppies at 6 weeks and the difference at 6 months is between 0-10.
Well, things are quieting down now and I have to go find my wonderful heavy vacuum to haul around the house. Isn't housework fun? I am just joking here. But in order to still breathe, we do have to suck up the dust balls every now and again! My reward after that is to watch the Nancy Grace show and then the Young and the Restless today on the internet so that I can catch up with the past 2 days. Did you know that Victor and Nikki are still feuding and that Mrs. Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper, age 80 in real life) is still playing an active role on Y & R? My favorite guy on there is Jack Abbott. I love Jack. He has been on this program for at least 20 years. I like Jack's personality. He has such a big heart, but is tough on the outside and will stand his ground, especially to Victor Newman. Oh well, on to real life is not a soap opera, Jennifer...........
Here's to a good rest of the 13th.

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