Saturday, January 24, 2009

A stitchy Saturday

I have joined a Quaker sampler group on the internet and this is the project I chose out of the list provided. It is a small piece and has beautiful colors. The pattern calls for 14 ct fiddler cloth which is dirt cheap at 1.50 for a piece to do 2. I haven't stitched on any fabric this large of count in a long time but it does look pretty as the designer put the model on a box top. This is a great idea. I love Blackbird Designs patterns. I didn't pick such a huge piece because I have oodles of others going at the same time right now.
The piece is called "American Star". I chose this one because of Brandon and it has the stars and a "Dutchy" tulip on the side with a house similar to ours. What a combination of stuff in one little pattern!

It's a "stitchy" kind of day here in the North Georgia mountains. Its so nice to sleep late and enjoy breakfast and coffee in bed. I read the daily headlines on the Internet and the one that is the most shocking is a Thai women who stayed in a room with 5000 scorpions for 33 days. She supposedly broke a world record. She only got bit 13 times and the video newscast on Yahoo is breaktakingly EEEEEEK!! They were crawling all over here while she just lazed around on the bed, watched TV, ate...........I think of CAT scans when I see this.......she needs a CAT scan of the brain. Oh well, I guess she wanted to get attention and she did with national news headlines. I don't think I would go that far though.
The sun is trying its hardest to peak through the clouds this morning. The cold weather has at least gotten a bit better and maybe, just maybe I can get the energy to go walking today. That's a big maybe as my comfy bed feels better at the moment :)
I'm having puppy fever again. I know I don't need another animal to take care of but I really want a chihauha puppy, white with tan markings preferably. If I could just get one that is already housetrained I would go pick it up today but that's hard to find and right now Ren is the focus of attention. He howled most of the evening but would immediately be quiet if he was attached to me on the sofa. I even entertained the thought that he could sleep with me again but I'm afraid during the night he would fall off the bed so .........there goes that thought.
When he was a wee puppy of only 1-2 lbs he slept with me and for probably the first 4 years of his life. I guess now he is regressing in his old age and I may have to see about how to deal with his night howling now. Maybe a heating pad would give him more comfort........
And so on goes the day.....................

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