Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new------Change

Eloquent words.......
the shield.............

crowds of people with hopes............

saying goodbye............
Out with the old, in with the new.........................

During a job interview in 1991, I'll never forget a comment a nurse manager who hired me for a job stated. She said "the only sure constant is change". I remember this statement from time to time as things happen through the years, yet how ironic but so powerful. I think that best describes today in history. I spent well over 2 hours reading comments from writers, some experienced and positive and some quite abrasive about the new president. I try to remain neutral but its human nature to lean towards what is familiar, even if its not leading in the right direction.

I think today proved a point more than anything and I hope Obama can deliver for all that he has promised. However, remember " be careful for what we ask for". I hesitate to say this as he seems to be tainting his speeches with a determination to persist in Afghanistan, for whatever price has to be paid.

I have to wonder whether the same charisma would have been present at the swearing in of a female president? Would 2 million women stand in the cold for hours on end to secure their place to witness and support the change in history? I hope that one day I witness a female president in my lifetime. I think there is too much prejudice against caucasian women which is unfair and unfortunate. Women still make 15% less than men in the same work positions. Colleges are more generous with scholarships with minorities and exclude women who are often single raising children. There are still many changes to be made in America and I want to witness this change in America just as much as I witnessed the first black president today. I hope that Obama remembers all the rhetoric that led up to today. I hope that he remembers our children's safety too. I hope he has empathy, along with intelligence to make the right decisions. I hope he remembers that his actions affect alot of people and that just as much as he shields his own family from harm, that he remembers all the parents who would like to shield their own too.

Ironically, Obama's central message throughout his campaign has been "change". Change is not a new phenomenon or idea. It will happen whether we like it or not. It is not a new idea and no matter who is in office, change will still happen. How we handle change should be the focus.

The question to ponder is this: do we have the experience and confidence to sustain the kinds of change in America that are occuring at lightening speed? Seems to be a hard balance to make sure we are all citizens of equality without destroying the individualism that defines are very identity.
These are some of my thoughts of today.

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