Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our personal little "Winterfest"

The frozen streams on the way to Pigeon Forge
I just had to get this at Cherokee, N.C. What a name !!!

This is again a mill in the middle of Cherokee.

This is the Sylva courthouse.......very impressive as the town is the size of Mayberry and had the charm of such as well with old general stores, book stores and neat little old shops.

Sylva again as we were riding in the truck.

Phil and I take a trip usually just 1 weekend in January each year to get away from all the "busy-ness" of life and just find a short reprieve even if for 1 or 2 nights doing something fun. I guess we just noticed this year that its become a "tradition" of ours each year. I really like the idea and he usually plans it out well as he is the planner and I'm .....well......a "random" fun person ;)

This year we went up to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Unfortunately, I dropped the camera on the kitchen tile in the hotel room and my camera met its demise. Nothing could be done to resuscitate my precious camera. I had a few pictures before and saved on the card luckily but the remainder of the snapshots were on Phils phone camera, which we do not have the necessary equipment as of today to transfer to the computer. However, I do plan to do that this week.

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