Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mohair or Abbie Hair? First Crochet Blanket!

I try to challenge myself to learn something new every now and again.

Well, yesterday I was watching a You Tube on basic crochet and the single crochet stitch. Then some stash busting for a blanket commenced.

I lost count of how many chain stitches I started but it's going to be rather large. All single crochet. Just like knitting and cross stitch, this is rhythmic, almost zen-like. 

It feels good to look through and put colors together from my huge yarn stash of acrylic DK weight.
I don't have but a couple of hooks and used them solely for fixing my knitting but had the right size for DK weight so this happened.

Using one of my favorite pillows for color inspiration...........

and a very large basket my mother gave me, I have a new blanket started.

Wide enough to go across a twin bed probably.

Just winging it.

There is also an added colorway called Abbie Hair, not mohair but very, very similar.

Hope you are having a zen-like day too!

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