Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Twisted Tuesday----Literally in Stitches

This is the start of a scarf for Mr. Darcy.
It's a belated birthday gift and yes, he has seen the colors and likes it.

I love the blues and gray in this and started out making it with a border knit stitch thinking it would not curl...........

I was so wrong. Lesson learned. Imagine this (because I don't have another pic right now of it) about 30 inches long.................the more I knit, the more it curled on the sides.

So.  About 12 inches out, I changed from stockinette to garter stitch pattern and this didn't help either.

I will show a good pic of it tomorrow but ONLY if the end would not curl like a tube, it would be rather handsome! :P

Conclusion and lesson learned. I should have put at least 5 knit stitches on each side to keep it from curling. One just didn't do the job.

To keep the scarf consistent on each end, I'm going to garter the entire rest except the last 12 inches and  at least both ends will match. Hopefully.

I really didn't want to pull my work out after I figured out to the degree of curl that would happen.

Then, I thought that blocking it would take the rolling out but from what I've read online, I don't even think blocking will take out the curl, but maybe some of it, so this scarf will definitely be blocked.

This is what happens when I knit just willy nilly at my own liking.

But, for the positive note, I learned a good lesson for the future.

One thing I like about needlework, is that most times you have choices when mistakes are made.

You can frog it all out and start over.

You can go with the flow and create something different in the pattern.

You can change up the knits and the purls.

You can just put it down and start working on another project altogether.

It's one good thing I like about stitching and knitting as a hobby.

I just hope the scarf doesn't look to "girly curly" when I get done. 

XXXX fingers as I go.

Have a quiet, restful evening,



  1. This exact problem happened to me while knitting and I too learned a valuable lesson...LOL... On the positive side I steam blocked it and the curl came right out and stayed out....steam blocking works really well for me with my old steam iron as long as the iron never touches the knitting. The scarf is lovely, the colors are wonderful and because it came from you....it will be loved! Enjoy your day!

  2. I don't know if it will help, but could you pick up stitches and add a garter stitch border along the length of the scarf? Just a thought and it might add some visual interest to have a long row of garter running perpendicular to the stitches in the main body of the scarf.

  3. Dearest Jennifer,
    You can always crochet around it and make it stay in the shape YOU want!
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  4. thank you so much for the feedback! I just bought a garment steamer hand held and wonder if this will help. I haven't tried it. The yarn is not wool so I think I will give it a try.

    I wish I knew how to crochet but I don't know how.
    The idea about doing a garter border is a great one.

    I'll update ya'll with this up coming weekend!!
    Have a blessed day.


    1. Dearest Jennifer,
      Wish I lived closer to you; I would be more than happy to do it for you! Or teach you how to...

  5. Awwwwwe, thanks so much, I wish that too!



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