Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our Perceptions

This picture could mean so many things to different people.
I love this picture. 

 What strikes you most when you first see this picture?

Is the girl praying or just watching out the window at bedtime?
Is she looking at the church or is it just a part of the background?
Is she watching someone leave or looking for someone to come home?
Is she comfy in her own bed or longing to go home?

I can think of so many things it could portray.

I think our life is alot like pictures. A glimpse in time that what some people think is one thing really means another to someone else.

That's probably a random, deep thought but just wanted to share.

Sleep tight,


  1. I love this picture so serene and sweet.


  2. I love this picture. I feel calm and peaceful when I look at it and I think the little girl is looking past the village and dreaming of what lies beyond the village and the mountains. Dreaming of her future. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Such a sweet, sweet little picture. I love all the questions you posed--any one of them could be what the artist portrayed!
    My husband often says 'perception is reality'.

  4. Dearest Jennifer,
    A little girl praying and looking out of the window into the sky and thinking about heaven where her Mama resides...


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