Monday, January 19, 2015

The Christmas Project I Kept Myself


 At Christmas, and then 2 days the following week, actually New Years Day, I knitted up this scarf.
 I cast on alot of stitches and this made a wide scarf,  bordering on a wrap.

I went to knit group, actually the last night knit group from the local yarn shop and 2 large skeins of yarn had to come home with me.  This happens when I go into a yarn shop.

I was working on finishing a shawl, a scarf, a scarfette, and a men's scarf for my hubbie's birthday and so I had finished all but the January birthday scarf.

In between I had a good time when I cast on for this simple garter stitch on Christmas Eve at my parents' house with good conversation while I knitted.

This was a really quick knit.
 It really came handy on the morning here when it was 6 degrees right after Jan 1. This scarf is the softest and is soooooo warm!

I'm drawn to pinks, fushia's ad teal colors. I have a teal heavy coat that I wear it with.

It is quite long at about 65 inches and it has great drape, with a heavy softeness that just wraps up so cozy.

Yup, thats a pic of Mr. Fox in the background and I'm diligently now trying to finish up his belated gift. I will show you those pics later. He really likes the colors of his scarf. 

But this one.  Yes, this one I knit for myself.

I've found with cross stitch, I almost always keep my samplers when finished for the house.

With knitting, I'm always giving it away as gifties.

I don't know why that is. However, I picked out this yarn for myself and I busied my hands during the holidays to finish it. 

This is the yarn I used.
Universal Yarn. I love the motto here!

I have already tossed the label and the name of the colorway is Lucky something....I just remember Lucky as the first word. Sorry for forgetting that.  Maybe Lucky Pink or Lucky Cottage???

I used number 17 needles. Very chunky.

Totally functional.
Totally pretty,
and totally fast and mindless knitting.

Just what I needed when visiting to catch up on alot of conversation.

Sometimes, I think in all our stitching and knitting, we have to remember to treat ourselves too.

When you craft, do you keep, or giveaway more of your finishes?


  1. Love your scarf, such pretty colors. I'm just learning to knit and about 2/3 done with my first scarf. I do crochet but this is totally different. Enjoy seeing the pictures you post.

  2. Dearest Jennifer,
    That sure looks like a cozy and very warm scarf and glad you finished it in time for the cold.
    Wishing you many more blissful hours of needlework!

  3. The scarf color is lovely. It looks so soft in the photos that I can almost feel it through the computer. It should keep you warm and cozy on those cold drives to and from your work.

  4. Love the scarf ~ so fun with all those colors!


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